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14 February 2009 @ 07:24 pm
Gunfire Chapter One  

Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin's families are separated by hate. They meet each other and fall in love. Is it the old patterns repeating themselves, or can they change fate? 


Disclaimer: I don’t own the JE boys. Or Vampire Knight. Not even Romeo and Juliet. Possibly not even the plot.



Okay, this is my second fic. Please bear with me and my crappy writing.






Kamenashi Kazuya sprang from his hiding place when he caught the scent. He landed on the intruder, who squealed in fear


“Didn’t your mama teach you to stay away from strange places?” He teased, breath tickling the victim’s ear. He sniffed; the young human’s blood wasn’t like what most humans smelled like. “Who are you?”



The person underneath stammered out an answer. “M-m-m-my n-name is Umi Nakajima. Don’t-”



“What?” Kame smiled. “Kill you?”  



He leaned in. “I’m sorry to tell you, but… it’s too late for you.”



Kame opened his mouth, revealing fangs. They came down on the girl’s neck.



A squeal, a squirt of blood.



Then nothing except for the frantic gulping of a thirsty person.



Kame got up and wiped his mouth. He burned the body without turning. One advantage about pureblood vampires was the powers they possessed.


His black coat rustling over the dead leaves, Kame returned to the castle.





When Kame stepped into the threshold of the place he called home, a line of Level B vampires stopped what they were doing and bowed. One very annoyed pureblood vampire hurried up, covering the large distance between them with long, graceful, loping strides.



“How was hunting tonight, Kazuya?” Ueda Tatsuya asked. His eyes flickered red.



“Fine. Had a really easy time, actually.” Kame replied. He shrugged off the coat and tossed it into a corner with a practiced motion. A maid picked it up and hung it on a rack.



“You could have just drunk anybody’s blood here, you know. They’re not that fussy about us purebloods drinking.” Ueda grinned. “In fact, they want us to drink from them.”



“I know.” Kame replied, annoyed. “But the humans have this… really preferable scent.”



Ueda studied Kame’s face. “You killed someone again, didn’t you?”



Kame gulped. “Yeah.” He braced himself for the evil aura.



Anyone around the immediate area of Ueda Tatsuya was killed, skinned, and brought back to life. That is to say, Kame was killed, skinned, and revived. Everyone else hurriedly backed off, knowing what their young master would do.



“Go and get some rest, you stupid vampire.” Ueda muttered. Kame meekly scurried to his bedroom, where he promptly collapsed into a heap.



“Life is boring this way.” Kame muttered. “All this secrecy, hiding, and…”



Kame shrieked when someone came in the room and threw a tomato at his face. It landed with deadly precision. “RYO! IT’S A TOMATO! GET IT OFF ME!”



Ryo Nishikido smirked before helping Kame wipe his face and clothes with a towel he conveniently brought. “Tatsuya told me to do this to you. Besides, it's just a tomato.”



Kame glared. “You hate him though. Why?”



Ryo shrugged. “Because he gave me something to drink. Anyways,” Ryo put on a simpering tone. “What is a Level D compared to the purebloods, their masters?”



Kame smacked Ryo on the head. “Idiot. You have your blood, Tatsuya’s blood, and mine flowing in your veins. You posses all our powers.” Kame scowled. “You’re probably stronger than the rest of us.”



Ryo nodded. “True.”



“And for something to drink… Did he give you his blood again?” Kame asked, eyes narrowing into slits.



Ryo looked unconcerned. “Yeah.”



“And is it a wonder he’s sick all the time, giving his blood out to everyone?” Kame muttered.



Ryo looked unabashed.



“Go away.” Kame muttered. When he was convinced Ryo had left the room, he opened the window.



Kame jumped out.



The wind whistled in his ears as he fell. He grabbed a tree branch and swung from it.



A drop of blood fell from his skin.



At the same time, the wind blew the scent into the air.



“God.” Kame cursed and ran. He sucked his palm until the bleeding stopped.



Kame stood there, holding onto the main gates. He jumped over the tall, imposing gates, and went to explore the human world again.





Kamenashi strolled down the streets. The city was beautiful in its own way, but the beauty was different from wildlife.



Not looking where he was going, Kame crashed into a figure. “Ah… sorry.”



The giant human looked down. “You should be.” The giant punched Kame on the chest, causing him to stagger backwards.



Kame started to lunge forward, when he remembered humans didn’t abide killing very much. He pretended he was terrified. The other chuckled and turned. “Filthy scum, them.”



Kame breathed in deeply. The scent wafted to him. Soon… He vowed.



Another person stood in front of him. The other boy extended a hand, offering to help him up. Kame accepted and was pulled up with an amazing strength.



Kame’s brows furrowed. The other’s scent was… different. It wasn’t human.



The scent was the smell of another pureblood.



Kame hastily bowed. “My apologies. Please, who are you?” Kame looked up. His eyes flashed red in hostility.



The other figure was taken back. “So you…” He shook his head. “My name is Akanishi Jin. Yours?”

Kame flinched. It was one of the hated enemies. “Go away.”



The other seemed amused. “Why should I?” Akanishi bared his teeth. “Perhaps you were taken in by my good looks?”



Kame glared. “My name is Kamenashi Kazuya, if you have to know.”



Akanishi drew in a breath. So this was the rival of his family. He wasn’t going to let a good opportunity pass, however.



Kame thought for a moment. This Akanishi person seemed friendly enough, but there were a serious grudge going on between the two families. Kame was trained to do one thing if he ever met a pureblood vampire of the opposite side.



The two of them both lunged forward at the same time, aiming for each other’s neck. They stopped and laughed.



“So you were going to bite me too?” Akanishi chuckled. “How nice. And here I am, thinking how lovely it would be to have your powers.”



Kame pouted slightly. “I’m still going to get your blood.”



Akanishi thought. “How about a deal?” He offered.



“What?” Kame asked.



“You can drink my blood, if I can drink yours.” Akanishi offered.



“We’re going to drink at the same time.” Kame countered.



Akanishi was confused. “Why?”



“Because if one of us drinks first, we might run off without giving the other a chance to feed.” Kame explained.



“Oh.” Jin took in a deep breath. They both bit into each other’s extended palms.



The scent of blood filled the alleyway.



Red, moist blood splattered the cement. The fabric of their clothes became stained with red.



Kame broke off. His licked the blood of his lips and watched Akanishi do the same.



“And now… My bargain.” Kame said. Akanishi looked up.



“What is it?”



“We can meet here if we don’t tell anyone about this.” Kame stated. He wondered what he was doing, acting on an impulse like that.



Akanishi thought, then nodded. “Sure.”



“See ya.” Kame said. He ran back to the castle. Akanishi watched him run, before going back to the hotel he rented.



When Kame was safely indoors, he blushed. What was I doing? He wondered. This Akanishi person was really fascinating, but Kame wasn’t supposed to offer blood like that. Not to a random vampire.



Especially not to your family's blood rival.



I’m going to end up like Ueda. Kame thought. And speaking of Ueda… I wonder if he got my blood scent from the tree earlier.



He strained his ears to check if Ueda was playing his guitar.



If he was, he knew Kame had run off.



Sure enough, Kame’s ears picked up a distant melody of rock music. Ueda was really angry to play that violently. Kame grinned. He knew what was coming next.



There was a loud squeal when Ueda broke all the strings of the guitar.



“NISHIKIDO! CHECK IF KAME CAME BACK RIGHT NOW!” Ueda screamed. There was a crunching noise, which indicated that Ueda just destroyed the guitar into pieces. Kame gulped. Ueda wasn’t that violent, usually.



Which meant Ryo was bullying Ueda again. 



“Look who’s in trouble.” Ryo teased from the doorway.

Kame wasn't concerned. Ueda wasn't like Ryo; he was too sensitive to do any harm to anybody.

"Shut up." Kame glowered. "Why do you tease Tatsuya-san that much anyways?”



 "It's fun." Ryo shrugged. "It's the only fun I'm going to get in life, anyways. Besides, all I did was get him drunk and dress him up in a dress while you were gone."



Kame glared at Ryo. "So you're the one who squealed on me? After he saw he was in a dress? Are you trying to torture him to death?"  



"Hey, I'm not the one who runs off, looking for fun every week." Ryo countered, eyes glowing red.

Kame's eyes flashed red as well. "And I'm not the one who changed you. Tatsuya did. You're practically bound to him by blood. Why do you find so much fun in bullying him?"

"One," Ryo counted off his fingers. "He looks like a girl-wait, he is a girl. Two, he has fish lips. Three, he's really delicate and sensitive. Four, he has a stupid high voice-"

"As opposed to your deep and husky one?" Kame arched an eyebrow.

"Uh... yeah. Five, he's the one who can't decide on anything. Six-"

"How long is your list?" Ryo whirled around to see an angry Ueda glaring at him. Kame watched wirily, until another tomato hit his face.

"OHMYGODIT'SATOMATOGETITOFFMENOW!IT'SEVILTHETOMATOISEVIL!" Kame shrieked and swiped the juice with the sheets on his bed.

"Your fault." Ueda glared at Kame, then turned to face Ryo. "Want another rematch?"

Ryo paled visibily. "No thanks." He turned and bolted.

Ueda turned to face a quivering mass of jelly that was Kame. "Explain yourself."

"Sorry. Was just bored." Kame tried explaining.

Instead of being angry, Ueda calmed down. "So you too..." He muttered.

Kame timidly asked, "What?"

"Nothing." Ueda nodded to him. "Go to sleep. I'm taking you somewhere tomorrow."

"Okay." Kame tossed the soiled blankets aside and pulled out new ones from the cupboard. He went to the bathroom to wash.

As Kame sank into the bath, he closed his eyes and thought of Akanishi-san. The other seemed older than him by a few years. Yet, he was...

Different from the rest of the purebloods he met. More childish, happy.

Little did he know Akanishi was thinking the same thing.




Rar. First chapter done. Hope you like it. “brick’d”



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Kristien: tegopikaouchan on March 24th, 2009 02:35 pm (UTC)
CANT wait for the next one~!!