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29 May 2009 @ 01:07 pm
Summary: He wouldn't mind dying, because he might come back to life again. But take away the only person he has ever loved, and not be able to follow his lover to the next life, Ueda Tatsuya makes a dangerous enemy. Nobody would stop him from taking revenge. Anyone stopping him must be eliminated. Forever.

Disclaimer: Well, I own a Break the Records CD. But not the boys themselves, regretfully.

And so the sequel begins... For those who hasn't read the first part, WATER DANCE, go here.

Hi, I'm back! *waves* If you read WATER DANCE already, then you know about Taguchi's death. If you haven't, then you know that in WATER DANCE, Taguchi is dead. And so, if you read the summary, it is now the revenge of the emoandsadistic!Ueda.


Fumihazusu toki,


It hurts.

It hurts.

The pain is too much.

Taguchi, where are you?

Help me, Taguchi.

But he's...



He’s dead, and he’s not coming back.



The curse…



The curse wasn’t broken!

He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping, praying, that he was dead. He prayed that he was able to follow Junno into darkness again, to be united together again, even if it was death.

But the pain was too much, and he had to open his eyes.

Ueda Tatsuya opened his eyes. He saw the angry horde of murderers, people who just killed an innocent person, a helpless person caught up in the wheels of fate.

"I'll kill you!" He screamed at them. Some people recoiled, but others just looked from the shoreline at with contempt.

"COWARDS!" The cry echoed throughout the clearing.

No one answered the obvious challenge in his words. It was perfectly silent. Ueda crawled over to where Taguchi Junnosuke’s body was. The water was still rippling gently from where he had collapsed.



“Good bye, Uebo-hime.”



Ueda savagely wiped tears from his eyes. “Do you ever call me by anything else other then nicknames, Guchi?” He held up the still warm body, and hugged it close. He pulled out the arrows, tears obscuring his vision.



And suddenly, the thick line of where the sword slid through his chest burned. Ueda screamed, and coughed up blood, before collapsing heavily. He cradled Taguchi’s head, refusing to let go.






He lost all sense of time.


Yami no naka made mo izanae.






Hisomu yoru no machi,



Ueda opened his eyes. His back throbbed, and his skin felt unclean, and Taguchi wasn’t there with him. His hand patted the area around him, confirming that he was in a small hut, lying on a straw pallet.



A far cry from the satin he usually was sleeping on.



Two circles were right in front of his. He blinked several times, wondering at what he was seeing.Ueda gave a yell of fright when he realized the two brown orbs staring at directly at him were actually a pair of eyes.



“O-ha-yo!” The owner of the brown eyes shouted. “You finally woke up!”



Ueda stared.



“Well, my name is Akanishi Jin, and you’re at my house! The magistrate commanded me to take care of you!”



Ueda was still giving Akanishi a blank stare.









“Also…” Akanishi was starting to sweat at the unresponsiveness of his guest.












“Be… OH WHATEVER!” Akanishi shrieked. “What’s the point if you can’t understand what I’m saying the first place?!”



“Who says I can’t understand you, fat ass?” Ueda asked, leaning back on the floor.



“My ass is not FAT. If you want to see an example, then you should see Kamenashi Kazu-“



“Shut up.” The command was rather dry.



“I don’t wanna.”



“I don’t have time to talk to you.” Ueda sat up. He tried to stand up, but his back burned again, and he fell on the floor again, wincing.



At least he was prepared for the pain this time.



“You should watch out.” Akanishi was near Ueda in an instant. “You’re going to push yourself to death.”



When Akanishi mentioned death, Ueda gave a hollow laugh. “I can’t die. I’ve been reincarnated as an immortal in this life.”



 I wish to die.



“No wonder.” Akanishi said, nodding wisely. “Our best swordsman threw his sword at you, but you didn’t die. It makes sense. Yup.” He continued to nod at his logic, until someone slapped him on the head.



“Bakanishi! Stop looking like an idiot!” A dark haired man growled. He looked down at Ueda in contempt. “What the hell is that thing supposed to be?” He snorted in derision. “This is supposed to be the monster of the lake?” He gave a kick at Ueda’s stomach. Ueda kneeled over, trying not to show his tears.



“Weak.” The man snorted.



“Ryo-chan, don’t be like that.” Akanishi whined. They didn’t seem to care about the fact that Ueda was hurt, but more about the fact they had a reason to argue.



They were shallow, raised up on the lies of the village.



“Stop…” He whispered. The two of them stopped bickering.



Ueda’s fist clenched.



“What did you say, fairy-boy?” The darker one asked.



“Stop,” Ueda replied, his voice shaking, but stronger. “Stop bickering, both of you.” It was no longer the mutterings of a wish, but a command.



“Why should we?” Ryo countered. “Why should I, Nishikido Ryo, the Sexy Osaka Man, stop doing anything for you?”



“Murderers, shallows bastards, YOUR VILLAGE IS CORRUPT, KILLING AN INNOCENT!” His temper snapped. The other two flinched at the sudden change of voice.



“You can’t be serious-” Nishikido started, but was cut off when a sudden, invisible force made him crash into the wall of the hut. He slumped to the floor, blood trickling from the side of his mouth.



Akanishi ran over the unconscious figure. He picked up a miniature table and threw it at Ueda, but he punched the stand, making it shatter. Blood trickled from his knuckles; Ueda licked it off, ignoring the sharp stinging.



“I’m leaving.” He stated. “If you come after me, I swear that I’ll kill you.”



Ueda walked out of the dingy hut, his robes trailing after him. He did not spare a glance at the pair; he knew that Akanishi would be trembling, and Nishikido wouldn’t be awake for several days.



If this was how he was going to live, it wasn’t so bad.



He could almost enjoy it.


Hikari wo motomete furimawasarete.






Mou nidoto modorenai,



He returned to the lake.



And was horrified at the defilement.



Footsteps trampled over the grass; evidence of spit, blood; large dirt clods; and the water, once clear, now black.



“Shit,” Ueda cursed. He walked around the shore, drawing lines with his foot. He put one foot on the water.



He sank.



The lake wasn’t like others; right at the edge, it curved steeply. He tripped and fell on his back, and slid into the murky water.



The depth seemed endless. Ueda couldn’t breathe with all the dirt. His air supply was running out; he never learned how to swim properly. He was only able to swim when Taguchi was with him.



The curse…



Was the curse broken?



If it is…



I can’t swim.



He knew that.



I’m not dying yet.



Ueda dived lower, his fingers latching onto the sides. He climbed downwards, until he found what he was looking for.



A small cavern leading upwards, free from water. Ueda squirmed into the hole, barely fitting. He wiggled upwards, feeling very undignified and extremely uncomfortable. The pressure on his ribcage was crushing. He coughed when he swallowed some dirt, and using the tip of his fingers, pulled himself up to the small glimmer of light. 



“What in the hell?!” A man yelled, obviously surprised by a muddy person crawling out of a hole in the ground. He aimed a bow at Ueda’s chest, and warned him to stay away.



Not one to be deterred by an unseemly deserter of the group of villagers, Ueda tilted his head slightly, licked his lips, and gave the man an amused smile. The other’s hands were shaking visibly.



He had every right, because Ueda moved so quickly that the man never knew what struck him. Ueda’s foot connected with the man’s forehead, knocking him senseless.



“You’re lucky that I’m used to this,” Ueda snarled at the unconscious figure.



“You’re lucky I didn’t kill you.”



Arifureta nichijyou ni.









The first thing he did was take a bath.



He made sure that no one was nearby before stripping.



Stepping carefully into the naturally formed hot spring, Ueda felt himself relax for the first time. The warm water refreshed all his senses, sharpening the dull senses into something sharper. He held his breath, and dunked his head.



Warmth; drowning out the pain that dulled all sense; swirling feelings; no, no—stop; darkness surrounding all life; no, Taguchi—



He went up for air, feeling clean. He shook his head, spraying water drops.



Once again, instead of the film-like vision, he could see again. No blood, sweat, tears, and grime impaired his sight.



Ueda made sure every inch of him was clean before looking at his clothes.



“Or maybe not.” Ueda looked at the horribly filthy kimono, and hesitated.



He didn’t want to get his skin dirty. Who knew when his next bath would be?



But then again, he didn’t want to walk around stark naked. Who knew what he would be mistaken for?



Some black clothes flew and hit his face. Ueda pulled them out, and saw a skinny boy sitting on a rock, a slight smirk playing on his lips. Ueda flinched and instinctively curled up into a ball, bringing his legs up to his chest. The other laughed, and rolled his eyes.



“I’m didn’t give you something to wear just so that I would admire your body and rape you, idiot. I’m not going to stare at you, so get dressed.” The man leaned back, his narrow frame outlined by the tight clothes he wore. Ueda still hesitated.



“I already have a beautiful person that has a perfectly proportioned body. I can stare at him whenever I want to.” He sighed, a grin playing on his lips. He closed his eyes pointedly, and gestured with his hands to hurry up. Ueda pinched his lips, and clambered into the cold air. Dressing quickly, he coughed quietly. The other stood up.



“I must say, despite what the village says about you, you are remarkably sentient.”



“Where were you?” Ueda asked.



The man immediately understood what he was talking about. “The younger generation weren’t allowed to watch the ‘cleansing.’”



“Who ordered…” Ueda’s voice clogged up. He cleared his throat, and tried again. “Who ordered Taguchi’s death?”



“The magistrate.” Kame seemed not to care about how Ueda was drilling him.



“What’s… your name?” Ueda whispered.



“Kamenashi Kazuya.” The other licked his lips.



“My ass is not FAT. If you want to see an example, then you should see Kamenashi Kazu-“



“Kamenashi?” Ueda muttered. “Do you know Akanishi Jin, by any chance?”



“He’s the marvelous boyfriend I was talking about.” Kame grabbed Ueda’s hand. “Don’t you believe that all the so-called manly people in a relationship always seem to top, but they’re always so childish?”



A pang went through Ueda’s heart. Taguchi.



“Akanishi’s… boyfriend?”



“Yes.” Kame titled his head. “What are you going to do from here?”



“I’m leaving.” Ueda stood up, suddenly cold and menacing. Kame backed up, hands up in a defensive pose.



“What’s wrong?” He asked.



“Leave, please.” Ueda muttered. Kame nodded.



“If you want to ever talk to me, I’ll be in the small cabin at the west side of the village. West side, okay?”



“I got it…” Ueda trailed off, looking away.



“Farewell…” The thin boy slipped away, leaving Ueda with a confused heart.



“Why?” Why are people so ignorant to the outside world?



When did this attitude begin?



Who did this?









Part two


So, here's part one. :D Part two would be coming up soon. Stupid LJ wouldn't let me put all of it up, so I decided to post this entry first.

haaaanahaaaana on June 28th, 2009 01:55 am (UTC)
WAAAA. DDD: What about part 2~? I tried clicking on the button thingy, but it wouldn't work and now I'm frustrated and arkhgskjnfksjhfa. TT^TT Anyways~ I liked your take on Kame. :D Nooo~~~ Taguchi's dead. TT____________TT SADNESS. MAJOR SADNESS.
haaaana: Uedawithglasseshaaaana on June 28th, 2009 05:51 pm (UTC)
Oh wait, never mind. Lol, I just noticed your little note at the end. XD Sorry~ I shall wait until it's up. :3
Leto_Baskervillekpopjrocklover on October 14th, 2012 12:24 pm (UTC)
NOOOO TAGUCHIII~ T.T *forever sobbing*
Lols at jin xD