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11 June 2009 @ 03:00 pm

Summary: He wouldn't mind dying, because he might come back to life again. But take away the only person he has ever loved, and not be able to follow his lover to the next life, Ueda Tatsuya makes a dangerous enemy. Nobody would stop him from taking revenge. Anyone stopping him must be eliminated. Forever.

Disclaimer: Well, I own a Break the Records CD. But not the boys, regretfully.

And so the sequel begins... For those who hasn't read the first part, WATER DANCE, go
here. For part one, go here.

Hi, I'm back! *waves* If you read WATER DANCE already, then you know about Taguchi's death. If you haven't, then you know that in WATER DANCE, Taguchi is dead. And so, if you read the summary, it is now the revenge of the emoandsadistic!Ueda.



Hizamazu kasete koakuma no waraigoe ga,



The revenge began that night.



Ueda slipped into the largest building in the village. The magistrate was sure to live in the most luxurious places, spending the entire village’s money from the taxes.



It was a lesson learned from the court intrigue from his earlier life.



He entered a room, where a fat man was staring at himself into the mirror, talking.



“You’re still young, handsome,” the man was muttering to himself, “so you can buy some lovely and young concubines, right?” He gave himself a wink. Ueda nearly snorted aloud. Young and handsome? That jackass?



Ueda leaned in the doorway, casually waiting for the man to notice him. The knives he had hidden up his sleeves were slightly uncomfortable, but he ignored it.



After a few more minutes, the man turned around finally, to see Ueda. He was confused, wondering who he was. The man’s brows furrowed for a few seconds, before the face clicked.



“You’re… you’re…”



“Ueda Tatsuya.” His lips curled back to reveal his teeth. “Your death.”



“Please…” The man was whimpering on the floor, begging. “Spare my life, please…”



Ueda snorted. “This coward is supposed be the magistrate?” He looked down with contempt. “I suppose that I’ll have no fun killing you…”



“No, no, no…”



“I know it was you that gave to order to kill whoever was at the lake.” Ueda gave a feral smile. “Well, that’s going to cost you. But first,” Ueda paused in amusement, “you’re going to tell me where you put the body.”



“It’s w-with his p-p-parents. Please, don’t kill me!”



Ueda’s hand moved so quickly that the man ever had a chance to scream. The only proof that Ueda was there was the look of terror on the man’s face.



That, and three knives sticking out from the bleeding chest.



Itami ni kao wo yukamasete manzoku sa.




Sou kanarazu hikari sasu,



Rest. The only thing that his mind could accept. At heart, Ueda was lazy, but the thought of avenging Taguchi had overcome all emotions. However, ever since he completed the first step of the punishment he would inflict, he didn’t want to take another step. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to Kamenashi’s house.



It was obvious which house was Kamenashi’s. It was by far the neatest, orderly. Ueda dragged his unwilling feet to Kame’s door, before collapsing on the doorstep, and falling asleep.



Hours later, the door opened. Akanishi was roaring with laughter at what Kamenashi said, before noticing the person that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.






Kame rushed to the doorway. He recognized the certain “hobo” being. “Crap, oh crap…” He muttered and he set about to lift the man. “Damn, he’s heavy.” He half-dragged, half-carried Ueda into his house, while Jin trailed behind his wake, wondering what was going on.



Until he saw the face.



There was no mistaking the full, plump lips, the perfectly arched eyebrows, the smooth, pale skin, the soft nose, or the black hair. One small hand dangled from the long arms; Jin couldn’t help but wonder how such a fragile looking creature could punch the crap out of anything—or anyone for the matter—with looks that feminine.



Then again, Kame wasn’t as girly as he looked…



“Why’s he here?” Akanishi asked angrily, a dark cloud surrounding his head. Kame rolled his eyes.



“Just because he beat you up doesn’t mean that you have to be a prejudged bastard.” Kame laughed at Akanishi’s face. “Isn’t that right, Ueda-chan?”



“Mmmm…” There a half-hearted reply from the awakening man. Kame noticed the slight bloodstain on Ueda’s fingertips. Kame dumped Ueda roughly on the bed.



“Talk about personality change…” Ueda hissed slightly. “Thanks for throwing me.” He closed his eyes. “…guess I have to… pay… later…” He fell asleep again, twitching slightly.



Kame looked at the tiny figure. “He looks cute while he’s sleeping.”



As if to prove Kame’s point, Ueda curled up into a tiny ball, and made a small face.



Akanishi tried to distract Kame by screaming about a monster. Kame looked up briefly, before poking Jin’s collarbone.



“Kazu-chan!” The whining started with Jin complaining. Kame sighed. He knew that Akanishi was crazy for his attention, and wouldn’t hesitate to annoy Ueda to keep Kame for himself.



Talk about selfish.



“I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Kame shoved Akanishi out to door, and pointedly locked it.



After a few minutes of pouting, Akanishi left.



At least, that’s what Kame thought.



Kimi wa itsuno hi ka nigedasu.





THIS WORLD utsumuri kawattemo,



Ueda felt something warm. He turned around and opened his eyes.



Akanishi Jin was hugging him to death.






Blink, blink.






Ueda did one thing that he remembered Kame doing.



He tickled Jin’s collarbone.



“KYAAAA!!!!” The scream literally shook the small cabin.



Kame woke up that morning to the frightened screams of his lover.



Namely, the collarbone attack had prevailed over all the precautions Jin had took to protect his weakness.



“Kame-chan!” Akanishi had a small cut over his upper lip, a blackened left eye, and a beautiful red slap mark on the right cheek. They were sitting on the small chairs Kame had pulled out.



 “What is it, pig?”



“Ueda hit me.”



“I want to do that sometimes as well.”



“Why do are stick up for him so much?!”



“There’s times when you know things. He’s heartbroken.” Kame studied his nails. “Don’t bother or harass him like this morning, okay?”



Ueda appeared at the doorway.



“Speak of the devil.” Akanishi muttered, but did not dare go against Kame’s wishes.



Ueda slid down on an empty chair. He groaned and closed his eyes as tightly as he could.



“Not so early in the morning, please.” Ueda begged, and covered his eyes with his right hand. Akanishi made faces at Ueda, until Kame slapped his arm.



“What are you going to do today?” Kame muttered. Ueda replied with a vague hand motion with his left hand, which flopped down limply.



“What’s wrong?” Akanishi grudgingly asked,.



“Not used to… waking this early…” Ueda groaned.






“Kamenashi-san?” Ueda muttered.






“Where is Taguchi’s house?”



“It’s near the meadow. You’ll know it when you see it. It’s… peculiar.”



“So I would think…” Ueda mumbled some words, before getting up. “Do you have an extra pair of spare clothes that would fit?”



“Maybe, but for you…” Kame looked at Ueda. “It might be small.”



“I don’t mind.” Ueda shrugged.



“It would be low-riding jeans and a tight-and-overstretched shirt.” Jin muttered.



He earned a slap on both cheeks by Ueda and Kame.



Mabushii yami no naka made mo izanae.


I swear, LJ loves to torture me.

Part Three