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03 July 2009 @ 11:28 pm
SADISTIC LOVE- part three  

Summary: He wouldn't mind dying, because he might come back to life again. But take away the only person he has ever loved, and not be able to follow his lover to the next life, Ueda Tatsuya makes a dangerous enemy. Nobody would stop him from taking revenge. Anyone stopping him must be eliminated. Forever.

Disclaimer: I am not Johnny.

And so the sequel begins... For those who hasn't read WATER DANCE, go here. For part one, go here. For part two, go here.

Hi, I'm back! *waves* If you read WATER DANCE already, then you know about Taguchi's death. If you haven't, then you know that in WATER DANCE, Taguchi is dead. And so, if you read the summary, it is now the revenge of the emoandsadistic!Ueda.





Kago no naka ni toji kometa mama,



Ueda slipped by the village’s houses. He hid in the shadows; his pale skin was an extreme contrast to the dark clothes and shadows. The lack of food made his cheeks slightly gaunter, and purple shadows under his eyes were long and deep.



No wonder a small boy mistook him for a vampire.



Ueda approached the meadow.



Nothing had changed. The same plants, the small animals burrowing around in the dirt.



This was were Ueda had first met Taguchi in this lifetime.



This was were he broke all rules, and defied the turnings of fate itself, and destroyed his own happiness so thoroughly that he felt like an idiot for tempting destiny.



Junnosukebe… Ueda thought of the old nickname that he had given Taguchi for being dirty-minded.



And suddenly, he had to kneel on the ground, struggle to breath—the full impact of Taguchi’s death hit him.



He stayed in the feral position for several minutes, hearing himself cry.



When he recovered, he took a step forward. His hands trembled, and he puked the remains of a half eaten breakfast from several days ago.



It was hardly visible; the house. Ueda knew instantly it was Taguchi’s. Not because of the mushroom patch that sprouted in a area, nor the dancing shoes that were abandoned outside. There was a bright, sunny aura that he could feel with his mind; he was being pulled again toward that feeling, the feeling that Taguchi would be just sleeping…



But there was something he had to do.



Villagers believed that a person must be mourned for three days. Ueda had lost a day, half-dead, in Akanishi’s cabin, recovering, and the other in Kamenashi’s house. That left him only the single day to carry out his plans.



He hoped that was ample amount of time.



Slipping into the backyard, Ueda scanned the area for anybody that was nearby. Confirming that, he latched himself to the side of the house and started climbing. There were enough ledges on the side of the brick wall, most of them leading from a single window. From looking at the crumbling walls, Ueda guessed that Taguchi used to sneak out of the house quite often.



Typical behavior.



He pulled himself up, using only his arms to carry his weight, when the brick crumbled. He swung on his left arm, and dangled. Ueda looked down, and gulped; the house was taller then what he thought. He never would have believed that height were frightening, until then.



He closed his eyes, and let go.



Dropping down, he lashed out blindly, looking for a ledge.



To his surprise, he found one.



Ueda hauled himself to peer inside the room. He saw the miniature kitchen, and smiled. He felt the healing aura of the bright yellow paint, and the medical herbs, stored unseen in the small shelves, gave a sharp smell to the air.



His fingertips tingled from the strain of holding himself, so he set about climbing upwards again.



A hand snaked out from the kitchen window, and grabbed his leg. Ueda yelped in surprise, and let go. He dangled upside down, helpless. His face turned bright red with embarrassment.



He was hauled gracelessly upward, and dragged into the kitchen.



Caught just like a chicken, he thought miserably.



A woman, rather strong for her small size, surveyed him. Ueda sat on the ground, looking like a meek dog for all his worth. He grimaced, awaiting a scream.



No scream came. He opened one eye, and saw a wooden spatula come down with a vengeance.



Despite all the pain he suffered, it wasn’t as painful as the smack.



“It stung, dammit,” Ueda snarled at the woman. She rolled her eyes.



“And you think that my son dying was any more easier?”



“Dying doesn’t hurt, you stupid wo-“ Ueda bit down on his lips before he could say anymore.



“You know what death is like?” The woman—presumably Taguchi’s mother—raised an eyebrow.



Ueda refused to say anything. If she could deal with Taguchi’s hyper personality, then she could deal with his stubborn attitude.



“Speak up boy!”






”Who knew you were that stubborn?” She sighed and shook her head.



Ueda just pinched his lips and made a face. Taguchi’s mother rolled her eyes, and turned to the over, where the food started to burn. She opened the small oven door and threw a cup full of water. She shook her head.



“Look at what happened to my lunch!” She gave Ueda a glare.



Ueda blinked. “You’re not afraid of me?”



The woman chuckled. “Goodness, of course not.”



“But why?”



“Take a look in my Junnosukebe’s room. I think you’ll understand.”



“Which room is it?”



“Down the hall.” She pointed to the small doorway, as if stating the obvious.



“Oh.” Ueda felt very stupid.



Wait, Junnosukebe? Ueda gulped. Dirty minded?



Feeling more scared of invading Taguchi’s privacy than anything else, Ueda trembled and walked tentatively inside.



Ueda wondered what he would do, seeing that the current developments made it impossible to carry out any further activities.



He turned the knob and stepped inside.



it was definitely not what he had expected of Taguchi.










“…” Ueda was stunned beyond belief.



What he had expected was some hyper, cheery looking bedroom. What he saw instead was a bare room, furnished only slightly. He looked around, and saw a trace of red liquid splattered on the floor.






“What’s blood doing in his room?” Ueda muttered. He crouched and placed his palm on it. He felt a momentary flicker of pain, before the blood sang out to him, calling Taguchi’s name. He let a small semblance of a smile flicker across his face, realizing that he still hadn’t lost the burden of the curse.



Before he realized whose blood it actually belonged to.



“It’s Taguchi’s blood…” He whispered in horror. He cast his eyes around the group, but saw nothing that would cut anyone.



“He was dying.” Taguchi’s mother was there again, leaning on the doorway. “It was a strange disease, because he just started to fade away. Then he was bleeding, somehow, all cut up on his wrists and ankles. It looked like knife wounds at first, because they were silted like a blade, but it wasn’t. Of course, he never told us about it. I checked his wrists, and on closer inspection, it was small, bloody rashes.”



And I didn’t realize. Ueda had to hold back a tear. I didn’t realize, because I was stupid.



I’m sorry Taguchi.



“He must have loved you so much.”



“Ha?” Ueda asked, taken back.



“He was willing to sacrifice his whole lifestyle for a person who was being hunted. It’s a miracle, how you and Junnosukebe met.”



“Why do you call him Junnosukebe?”



“Because he keeps having wet dreams.”



Ueda’s face magically planted itself on the ground. He was too afraid to ask what kind of “wet” dreams they were. Either way, it was disgusting, considering they actually never went father then—well—kissing.



“I never thought that.” Taguchi’s mother smirked. Ueda realized that he spoke aloud. “Anyways, he was dying. His father blamed you.” She took a deep breath. “It wasn’t your fault.



“The doctor said it was a disease, but I think differently.



“I think it was poison.”






And so, part three is here as well. DAMNEFFINGLJ


Comments are love.


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Leto_Baskervillekpopjrocklover on October 15th, 2012 06:54 pm (UTC)
Waaaa poision :OOOO
This is starting to become like a detective novel xD Please tell me that junno isn't really dead T.T
lol Junnosukebe xD