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20 November 2008 @ 05:45 pm
Forever Tears Chapter Five  

Summary: Kame and Jin, Ueda and Junno, Ryo and Yamapi, Masuda and Tegoshi, Koyoma and Shige all have a hidden past. They all are turned against each other. What happens if they forget each other, and start building new memories? And what happens if they remember again?

Disclaimer: I own them if I kidnap them , right?

And what happened with the rest of the remaining JE members? I have no idea.

Masuda Takahisa was bored. He was terribly, absolutley, horribly bored. He munched on a potato chip as his afternoon snack. The only interesting things were the cooking shows on T.V.

Massu really missed his best friend Tego-nyan. He also missed the kid who lived in this house, Akanishi Jin.

Why didn't Tegoshi mail the envelope back? Massu puzzled. A picture of Jin and his first crush isn't that important, is it?

Is it?

Massu turned on the T.V. A VERY short reporter was talking. "Yes, it is a strange kidnapping. It's something never seen before. Ikuta Toma-san, would you like to report what you saw?" She smiled and swung the mic to her left.

A young-ish man smiled broadly and tesified. "Two men dressed in black sleeveless black scaled the building without using any apparent devices. One man opened it window and they both jumped in. A minute later, three men came out with two people slung over their shoulders. The two who were carrying the men jumped out the building, while the last one closed the window and flew off the building. Then they ran.”



The reporter nodded. “The kidnapped people are called Akanishi Jin, and Yamashita Tomohisa. Please contact us if you ever see or hear anything related to them.



Massu was shocked. Jin-Jin? Kidnapped?



You’re my only one I can trust…






Akanishi Jin and Yamashita Tomohisa watched Kamenashi Kazuya and Kato Shigeaki prepare themselves. Ueda Tatsuya declared a competition, and only Nakamaru Yuichi was excused.

Kame and Shige jumped into a boxing ring.

"Right!" Ryo Nishikido called out, sitting away as far as he could frrom Yamapi. "The first person to go down loses."

Kame pounced on Shige, who was forced in do a half twist bend. Jin stared in amazement. He swore he could see transparent wings on Kame's back.

He also saw a hungry gleam in Shige's eyes.

Jin leaned over and poked Ryo. "Why can I see... scary images?"

Ryo twitched. "...What?"

"S-C-A-R-Y IMAGES." Jin leaned over and poked Ryo. "Did you hear me?"

"Of course I did, baka. But what are you seeing in the first place?"

"I SEE WINGS!!!!" Jin screamed. "AND RED SNAKE EYES!!!!"

"...huh?" Ryo poked Jin's collarbone. "Make some sense. You're only here watching because you stop trying to run away the first hundred times. I'll take away that freedom whenever I want."

Jin screamed his trademark "Jin's girly scream" and fell off the bench they were sitting on. 

And went on until for three minutes.

"Kame has wingssssssssssssss........." Jin tried explaining after he got his breath back. "And Shige has wierd eyes."

Ryo blinked. "... It's still there..."

"What is?"

"The reason why you can see Kame's wings and other member's... idenification... is because you and Kame has a special bond." Ryo explained. "It's called Kizuna."

"...Kizuna?" Jin stared at Kame again. "But I never met him before!"

"Here's proof." Ryo tossed Jin a white envelope, ignoring Pi's gasp. "Look inside." Ryo smirked. "And yes, I had my darling Kazu steal this from your apartment, Akanishi-san."

Jin tore the envelope open, wonder what was inside. a photo fell out.

It was Jin beaming, with one arm draped around a girl.

"Why am I hugging a girl?" Jin asked Ryo, who slapped him.

"He's NOT a girl, he's a BOY." 

"Oh." Jin stared at the photo again. "But who is he?"

"Think, dolt." Ryo stood up and walked away. 

Kame knocked Shige down on all fours. "And that's for plastering my face all over the T.V. network." He panted. Shige merely stood up and glared at him.

"It was my virus." He whined. "And it struck right back at my computer, stole your picture, and flew everywhere." 

Kame just shook his head.

Tegoshi Yuya got up. "My turn, I suppose." He mutttered.

Many stories take place in the world.


Kamenashi was full of hate. Akanishi Jin left him without even saying goodbye. Just snuck out while Kame was still sleeping. Left to go to a new home where he even had parents, while Kame was stuck in the orphanage. Everyone was always leaving him, even his only friends.


Kame got up and brushed leaves off his shirt. He trudged over to the courtyard, and was surprised.

Two young boys, several yeard older then him, were being treated by the director of the orphanage himself.

"Anything else, sires?" The director asked. They both just shook their heads, and he retreated to a respectful distance.

The boys turned around and saw Kame. The taller, and rather pale boy's eyes lit up. He seized up Kame's body.

"He's perfect, Ryo." He whispered. He turned to the director and called, "Leave us."

The director bowed and left.

The boy walked over to Kame. "My name is Ueda Tatsuya. My companion is Ryo Nishikido."

The short dark boy just raised his hand.

The white boy nodded to Ryo once, and kissed Kame.

Kame was shocked.

Then his reflexes kicked in and he punched Ueda Tatsuya in the stomach, blushing madly.

"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?" Kame screamed. Ueda just laughed. 

"Good reflexes." Ryo commented. "He'll do for sure."

Kame blushed even harder.
My... My first kiss stolen by a random stranger...

"Awwww... He looks so cute when he's blushing." Ryo crooned.

Ueda looked at Kame. "I'm sorry, but that was necessary. I had to test you."

I can reach up to the sky, but never touch it. Why?




Ryo stood vigil for Maru while Kato Shigeaki prepared the instruments for the operation. He watched Maru as he moaned in pain once more. 

"What's wrong with him?" Ryo finally asked. 

Shige's brows furrowed. "I think it's a virus programmed only to take out his right arm. The only one bacterium burst open, and the viruses are only multiplied in his right arm. All the bacteriums crowding the area made his arm swell up like that. And... Well... I think someone gave him something that caused it. The virus was released exactly when the computer chip was installed. I can't tell anything more than that. And..." Shige hesitated. "This type of technology isn't even invented yet, so whoever did this would have to be someone with tons of money." 

Ryo's fists clenched. "I swear, I'll kill whoever hurt him like this. I don't care if it's even Ueda. I swear I'll tear them apart."

Shige could only stare at Maru's blank eyes, which were staring blankly at him. 

Like he was dead...

...What if he was?

"HURRY!" Shige screamed. "He's dying!" He dug out a scapel in the disorganized pile. Hastily, he grabbed a doctor's mask for him and Ryo.

Ryo attached a IV drip to Maru's left arm. "I hate doing this." He growled.

Shige cut open the stiches in Maru's arm. The arm spilled out yellow pus. It bubbled and swelled as the whole fluid leaked out. 

Then the cut burst open as it spit out a robot like virus.

And it was humungous. Way past the microscopic size.

Shige backed up, looking for a knife. Ryo plucked two out of his shoes, and tossed one at Shige. 

This was what they were programmed for: to fight.

Ryo lunged forward and took a stab at the virus. It leaped aside and aimed for Ryo.

Shige kicked it with his boots, and sent it flying across the room. It attached itself on the stell walls, and jumped. 

Ryo flew across the room, bringing his true nature outside. 

The Rogue bared his teeth. He punched the virus, then whipped around to duck, and stabbed again with his knife. 

The shell cracked. Shige gasped. "Watch out! It's producing more viruses."

He only grunted in reply.

The Rogue cut the virus in half. It died.

Shige stepped forward. "i think you enjoyed that." He accused, watching as Ryo's true nature hide back inside again.

Ryo shrugged. "The Rogue was created for this." He muttered.

Shige looked at the damaged room. "We have to burn this place. It's to dangerous to keep clean."

Ryo went back to Nakamaru. "Let's stitch him up." 

When they finished, they carried Maru. Shige turned around and tossed a match in the room as the door closed. 

I'm glad the room was made of steel. He thought.

Friends who look out for each other are true friends. 


Kame and Ueda faced each other. Kame had beaten Tegoshi fairly quickly. 

Jin was terrified for Kame. He saw an incredible strength in Ueda. Too powerful to exist. 

Ueda was the Snow Leopard, full of powerful, graceful, fluid strength, unmatched by anything but a few.

Jin saw flashing yellow eyes and a white pelt, long claws and dangerously sharp teeth.

Pi backed out of the room, and rushed to the room Ueda told him to sleep in.

Kame and Ueda barreled into each other. They backed up, surprised that they had the same tactics. Ueda pounced forward hide behind Kam'e back.  He reached out and grabbed Kame's arm. Kame tried turning to face Ueda, but couldn't. 

Ueda gripped harder and made Kame cry out.

Jin saw two things.

He saw Ueda holding onto Kame.

He saw a broken-winged angel and an inhuman's claws cutting into the angel's wrists. 

Ueda flipped Kame over on his back, making him hit the ground on his back. 

"The bond you two have is called Kizuna. Why Kame ended like this was because of you, Akanishi."

Who was Kame in his life?

Something flickered as Kame moaned gently. Ueda squatted down and helped Kame up.

Jin stared at the injured face. Who was Kame?

Stay with me forever, JinJin?

Of course I will, my dear turtle-chan.

Because Kame-chan...

Because Kame-chan was...

Because he was...

And like thin ice shattering, he remembered.

Because Kame-chan was his dear Kazuya.

His Kazuya... The one he left...

The only one... 
Kamenashi Kazuya, his only love...

As Ueda supported Kame out the door, he saw a tear trickle down Jin's face.

He wondered if Kame would remember Akanishi-san as well.

Ueda also thought about how his precious Junno had shattered...

How his smile was lost forever to the world.

Keep the faith in yourself... Because a storm is coming...

AND THAT IS THE END OF CHAPTER FIVE. I hope you enjoyed it. *gets brick'd*  So the secrets are out, right. And here I was wondering when poor Taguchi would ever get mentioned. I'M SORRY TAGUCHI! And more Akame moments. .__.  Next chapter will bring out the explosion, hopefully. Thx for reading.~ 

And as always, comments are loved.



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keitarukeitaru on November 28th, 2008 05:53 am (UTC)
Why did they fight? Because Ueda wss bored. I knew there was going to be a confusing part in there somewhere. Darn. (Also, it's Ueda beating Kame)
(Deleted comment)
keitarukeitaru on November 28th, 2008 05:54 am (UTC)
Of course I will teach you.