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24 November 2008 @ 04:55 pm
Forever Tears Chapter Six  

Summary: Kame and Jin, Ueda and Junno, Ryo and Yamapi, Masuda and Tegoshi, Koyoma and Shige all have a hidden past. They all are turned against each other. What happens if they forget each other, and start building new memories? And what happens if they remember again?


Disclaimer: It’s probably everyone’s dream to own them. But not mine.



And I read the last chapter over, and it sounded really… Sci-Fi-ish?




Ryo Nishikido and Ueda Tatsuya locked themselves in Ryo’s bedroom.



“Now, tell me why you dragged me here while I was busy.” Ueda demanded.



Ryo just looked worried. “Sit down.” Ueda bounced on the bed a few times.



Ryo scanned the room, and told Ueda about Kato Shigeaki’s theory.



Ueda started when he heard the word, operation.



“But who could it be?” he muttered. “I’m sorry I was rude, Ryo. I understand your urgency now.”



Ryo just shrugged. “It’s not one of those two, I’m sure. I searched their belongings while they were sleeping.”



Ueda knew that he meant Akanishi Jin and Yamashita Tomohisa, whom they had temporary kidnapped.



He moaned. It was complications upon complications.



Ryo bent over and gave Ueda his special back rub. “I understand how you feel.” 



Ueda crawled over to Ryo. “Why do you have a satin bed anyways?”



Ryo gulped. “Because I found it?” he weakly suggested.



Ueda glared, but moaned again when his migraine pained him again.



Outside the door, the recently healed Nakamaru Yuichi and Tegoshi Yuya were giggling. They had their ears pressed to the door, trying to listen to what their boss and sub had to say.



And froze when they heard Ueda moan.



“I… I think they’re…” Tegoshi chocked out. “They’re… Doing things!”



Maru tipped his head. “What does that supposed to mean?”



Tegoshi whispered. “It means they’re making out in there.”



Maru was stunned. Do people really do that? He didn’t want Ueda and Ryo doing shameful things, so he knocked the down.



Tegoshi fell over at what he saw.



Ueda was sleeping on his stomach, while Ryo massaged his shoulders. Ryo, embarrassed he was caught helping someone, proceeded to leap up and chase after the helpless Tegoshi and Maru.



I will see through all your secrets…






Kamenashi Kazuya dabbed some medicine on his injuries. He winced as he tried applying the medicine on his back, which forced him to stretch and burst open even more of the recently healed cuts.



The door open and Akanishi Jin came in.



Kame stood up. “Good. It’s you. Dab some of this on my back injuries please.”



Jin complied. Kame frowned. No pouts or anything?



“Is anything wrong?” Kame heard himself saying. He blushed slightly. Why did I say that?



Jin looked up and saw Kame’s eyes turn a slight pink rose color. Ueda did say something about Kame and his emotions. But he never said anything about the color pink…



“Kame.” He stated. No, that doesn’t sound right. “Kazuya.” There. That’s better. Jin gulped. Ueda warned him against doing this, but Jin had to do something.



Kame started when Jin called him Kazuya. “What is it, Akanishi?”



Jin turned Kame’s face to him. “Do you remember me?”



Kame blushed even harder when he caught Jin’s eyes. He smells like roses…



“Don’t think perverted thoughts around him, doofus!” A voice said in his head.



That was obviously Ryo.



Kame looked into Jin’s eyes. “I never met you before.”



Jin smiled. “But you do know me, Kazuya.”



Kame gasped.



Akanishi Jin.






Kame threw Jin against the wall. “YOU!” He screamed.



Jin just stood there, taking the punishment. Kame’s hands wrapped themselves around Jin’s neck, and tightened.






Jin managed to whisper. “Are you really sure you’ll kill me?”



Kame froze, and released Jin. he threw himself on his hammock and wept, sobs growing louder every passing second.



Jin bent down to pat Kame’s back, but Kame slapped the hand away.


Kame ran out of the door, ran out of the hideout, and simply ran.



When he reached a dead end, he paused and cried. After a few more minutes sobbing, he sank down to his knees and wrapped himself into a ball, hunched in the corner of the alleyway.



Ikuta Toma recorded everything and went back.



A shadowy figure also watched from the rooftops.



I’ll stand by you, whatever I do. 




Yamashita huddled up in blankets. He cried silently, remembering.

Rejecting Ryo on that fateful day had tormented him for his whole life. And now Ryo came back alive to torment him.

Seeing Ryo turn on his heels, tears falling in the air...

Seeing Ryo everyday, not able to call out...

Because he was there with Ryo...

That strange boy...

That always smiled with Ryo...

And Pi could just stood there, alone...

Watching from a far distance...

And Pi's fault too, really...

Because he lost Ryo.

He just cast off Ryo, never realizing what the older boy meant to him at the time.

Feeling crushed as everyone left him alone in the dirt... Alone...

Yamapi just remembered all the things. He cried, harder, until he couldn't breathe.

"I'm so sorry Ryo." He whispered.

Yamapi gulped and wiped off his tears.

Because there was an old saying, Yesterday was history, tomorrow a miracle, and today a gift. 

And that's how Pi survived everyday.

Yamapi tried putting his feelings aside to confront the amazing word.


When I catch a snowflake, it disappears.


Kato Shigeaki watched the internet for news. He scrolled through the daily news, when a familiar face popped up.



He leaned back in his chair in shock, looking at the computer screen.



Koyama Keiichiro had just released a new album.



Koyama always wanted to be a singer. He thought, still slightly shocked.



After he calmed down a bit, he went to his e-mail account. Knowing Koyama, he probably kept the same e-mail for years,



The first e-mail account he had.

The one Shige taught him to make...



He typed out: Hi Koyama. Glad to see you achieved your dream. Hope you’re happy.



Shige laughed when he saw Koyama’s online diary, Keiichiro no Member Ai. He always believed in member-ai.



When he checked his inbox, he was surprised to see that Koyama returned his e-mail fairly quickly. Knowing that idols always had fan mail, they usually deleted all the fans messages.

Dear fan person, HIYA!!! ^_^ 

"..." Shige mumbled. "The heck."

He typed out another e-mail asking if he could add Koyama as a contact. Five minutes later, there was a solid yes.

Koyamama signing in...

Shigeaki signing in...

Koyamama: Hi random fan person!

Shigeaki: ...fan person?

Koyamama: Hai! 

Shigeaki: *headesk*

Koyama: ...what's wrong?

Shigeaki:  I'm going to say two words.

Koyamama: Go ahead.



Shigeaki: *braced for a Koyama attack*  ...Cookie, anyone?


Shigeaki: Want to meet up somewhere?

Koyamama: Sure! How about that coffee shop we always went to?

Shigeaki: Sure. What time?

Koyamama: Umm.... I can get out of work at 4. See ya then?

Shigeaki: Sure.  Bye.

Koyamama: I'm really glad I saw can see you again. Well, bye.

Shige: Me too.

Shigeaki signing off...

Koyamama signing off...

Just then, Ryo burst into the room, dragging Akanashi by the ear.

"Kazuya disappeared!"

There are many workings of fate.... 


 Ueda Tatsuya slept on, arms wrapped around his Taguchi Junnosuke. Taguchi sighed in his sleep, dreaming of video games. 

Ueda eventually woke up, while Taguchi mumbled, "Iriguchi, deguchi, Taguchi desu~" in  his sleep.

Fat raindrops started to pound on the rooftops of Junno's mansion. Ueda listened calmly to the rain when Taguchi jumped up.

"UEDA! I REMEMBERED HOW TO BEAT THAT LEVEL IN MARIO!: He screamed and reached over the bedside for his DS.

"I should start training again." Ueda muttered, and pushed off the bedsheets.

The nine yeared boy pouted. "Can I watch you, Tat-Tat?"

The other nodded.

They tromped out in the rain, Junno dressed is furry raincoats and heavy boots, whille Ueda skidded in a white sleeveless shirt and blue shorts.

Ueda started with his push-ups while Junno squatted on his hauches under his pink umbrella.

A small dark figure bounced out of the nearby tree.

"What the hell are you doing, Ueda?" Ryo demanded, brushing his hair to the side.

Ueda stared coldly back at him. "I'm training in the rain. Surprise." 

"I mean, why are you hanging around with Taguchi?"

"Because I want to."

Ryo looked Taguchi over, assesing him.

Ryo bounded over in a few steps to Taguchi. 

"Take care of Ueda. Please." He ran and disappeared from sight.

One teardrop goes the other, so never let go of my hands.

I'm done! Finally! So sorry about the late update, but FINALLY! So happy I'm done! I couldn't put up a Kame picture this time, but.... *runs away*


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