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27 November 2008 @ 11:51 pm
Forever Tears Chapter Seven  
Summary: Kame and Jin, Ueda and Junno, Ryo and Yamapi, Masuda and Tegoshi, Koyoma and Shige all have a hidden past. They all are turned against each other. What happens if they forget each other, and start building new memories? And what happens if they remember again?


Blah. I am really out of it today. >:

An explosion rocked the hideout. Akanishi Jin and Yamashita Tomohisa's heads shot up, wondering what was happening.

"PI-CHAN!!!' Jin squealed and grabbed Yamapi's arm tightly.

In the room adjourned to the room Jin and Pi was resting in, Ryo Nishikido and Ueda Tatsuya was started in shock. They glanced at each other and started to break a part of the floor into pieces. The splintered wood revealed a steel door. They forced the underground door open, which winded in a long, snakey passageway.

Finally, Ryo spoke. "I'm glad I set up that trapdoor."

Kato Shigeaki, Nakamaru Yuichi, and Tegoshi Yuya stopped raiding the kitchen pantry and knocked down some walls, revealing Pi and Jin in the next room. They shoved the Pin pair out the door that Ryo and Ueda managed to knock down.

A piece of timber fell, and blocked their way. Ueda groaned and heaved the timber out of the way, burning his hands. Shige and Tegoshi carried Jin and Yamapi bridal style out while Ryo tended Ueda's injured palm. Maru gave a worried glance at the Ryo and Ueda pair before chasing Tegoshi and Shige.

"We'll be alright." Ryo called.

Ryo slung Ueda over his shoulder, ignoring Ueda's protests. He jumped some large pieces of plaster when a rock struck Ryo's neck, causing him to fall over. The duo tumbled a few feet before some more hail of stones rained down.  

Ueda yelped when some stones stabbed him hard. "Let's get out of here, now." He hissed.

Small cuts covered Ueda and Ryo, stabbing painfully whenever they stretched too far. Ueda saw a sharp rock drop to Ryo, who was crouched down on the ground. Ueda used all of the energy he had left, and pushed Ryo out of the way.

The stone hit Ueda's upper right arm, pierced the skin, and splintered in the bone into a few pieces. Ueda winced and bit his lip, but wasn't upset; saving Ryo's life meant more to him then a broken arm.

"Are you alright Ryo-chan?" Ueda mumbled. Ryo heard him and nodded.

Tegoshi and Shige rushed back down the passageway. They helped Ueda up, and tenderly bound his arm with pieces of their ripped shirts.

They all rushed out, Shige clearing any impending obstacles and debris. Tegoshi and Ryo supported Ueda.

"He lost alot of... blood... already...." Tegoshi panted after each breath. "He needs quick... medication..."

"I know." Ryo snapped, too worried to feel tired. "He won't die. He can't die." A note of deperation entered his voice.

Shige called out. "I feel some vibration ahead."

Maru jumped down from the wall that he was waiting on. "You have to hurry. The debris is piling up, quickly." 

Ryo and Tegoshi glanced at each other, and sprung up, trying not to hurt Ueda so much. They scrambled hold with only one hand; Ryo, his right, Tegoshi, his left. Shige crawled up the brick wall, using the edges of his fingertips.

Yamapi and Jin waited on the top, looking worried at Ueda's condition.

They walked out into the bright sunlight, adjusting their eyes from the darkness of the underground tunnel. Ryo and Tegoshi staggered out first, Pin in the middle, and the rest trailing behind.

Jin jumped and twirled in the sunlight. He tripped on a small stone and fell backwards. Before he landed on his butt, someone caught him by the armpits and roughly pulled him up again.

Jin turned around to thank his savior, but blinked.

A ring of policemen surrounded all directions, cutting off any form of escape. The first row pulled out their guns and aimed for the ragged group.

A young man in a gray suit stepped forward. 

"My name is Ikuta Toma. Nishikido Ryo, Tatsuya Ueda, Kato Shigeaki, Yuya Tegoshi, Namakaru Yuichi, you are under arrest for larceny and kidnapping.

Don't you ever stop until the end.


Koyama Keiichiro waited eagerly for Shige in the cafe store. He sipped some coffee and slicked back his hair one more time. 

I never knew I would be this nervous about meeting my old friend again. He tought, amused at himself.

Koyama waited five more minutes before glancing at his watch. Shige's late. That's wierd, he never is late. Maybe he's busy or somthing.

Minutes trickled by, until Koyama was forced to conclude that Shige wasn't coming. He had a tight schedule, and it was slightl nerve-wrecking.

Koyama stood up and payed for the coffee. He decided to walk back to the music station. 

As he was walking, he saw the national T.V.

Shige's face glared right back at him.

Koyama stopped and backtracted few steps.

Why's my precious Shige-chan up there? 

A reporter chatted rapidly to the camera. "Yes, they are all under arrest for larceny and kidnapping. We can't tell you how the source was, be when we get the clear, we will report it right away. Also, one of them, a young man, about 25 years of age, is severly injuried. Police also can confirm that they are recieving strange signals with any equipment near them."

"Dayum." Koyama growled. Anyone near him felt an evil aura radiate strongly from his presence and quickly backed off.

"I SHALL KILL EVERYONE WHO HURT MY PRECIOUS SHIGE-CHANNNNN." He howled and sped down the street, knocking several people down.

We'll stand together, always.


The burly policemen threw a struggling Ryo and a limp Ueda in a cell. Ueda hit the wall, and slid down like a rag doll. Ryo glared at the policemen and screamed.


Ueda tried lifting his head to indicate that he was fine, but couldn't.

Even with the handcuffs, Ryo still managed to batter the cell bars with his shoulder. Tegoshi, Shige, and Maru marched by, escorted by a dozen policemen. They tilted their head proudly, but Ryo knew they were worried for Ueda by the worried feelings they were transmitting,

Ueda crawled over to Ryo like a worm. "You... okay Ryo?"

"Don't stress yourself." Ryo worriedly replied.

Don't worry Ryo. Ueda assured. I'm fine.

Ryo answered.

Boss? Bossss? Shige's thoughts transmitted over their internal networking.

I can hear you. 

Good. The walls are concrete, so we thought we might not be able to connect with you. 
Shige chipped in.

S-shige? Ueda stuttered through the link. Link our... networks together and... send me your readings.

Alarms popped up from everyone. They heard how weak Ueda sounded, even through the mental links. Shige had no choice but to comply with Ueda's wishes.

You two have a better chance... escaping. We're on... the third floor... You... ground... Break out and run like... hell. Ueda lost connection.

"Uebo!" Ryo shouted and rushed over. He tried waking Ueda up. "No, no, no, no, Tatsuya, you can't, WAKE UP!!" 

Ryo... Tegoshi tried connecting with Ryo, but was silenced. 

Just... go. 

On the ground floor, the three looked each at each other, feeling Ryo's pain.

But they had to follow orders anyways.

In unison, Shige in the middle, Tegoshi quivering on the left, and Maru standing on the right, they rammed the steel wall with their shoulders, causing to fold under. A red drill went off and they glanced at each other before destroying it completely.  

"I'm sorry, Ueda..." Ryo whispered, holding the broken body tightly, weeping silently. "I'm sorry..."

Ueda took one breath and whispered, "Thank you, Ryo. Love... you... say hi to... Junno and everyone..." 

Ueda took another deep breath. "I wasn't... strong enough... to survive. Even if... I was... first..." He trailed off, and didn't breathe again.


I'm so sorry, I failed your test. My soul escaped in the cold snow...


I don't like this chapter. It's too short.

I should quit Forever Tears or something. I am not getting any comments, and comments are love, right? D:

Then again, I shouldn't.

So, here is my crappy fic.

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keitarukeitaru on December 4th, 2008 02:51 am (UTC)
I know this chapter wqas short D; But my internet kept deleting my entries over and over again, so I just pu this up while it still worked D:. I DIDN'T PLAN ON KILLING HIM. IT JUST HAPPENED D: HMM.... I SHALL HAVE TO THINK OF A WAY TO BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE.