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03 December 2008 @ 06:57 pm
Forever Tears Chapter Eight  

Summary: Kame and Jin, Ueda and Junno, Ryo and Yamapi, Masuda and Tegoshi, Koyoma and Shige all have a hidden past. They all are turned against each other. What happens if they forget each other, and start building new memories? And what happens if they remember again?

Disclaimer: Why can't somebody claim them already?

I have nothing to do with the last chapter. It was my evil fingers typing. Oh yes, there is probably alot of typos in this chapter because I'm ill. *sniffle*

Kamenashi Kazuya woke from his light nap. A tall figure blocked the sunlight streaming through the alleyway. The person walked up to him and offered a hand. Kame reached out and accepted.

The man flashed a smile. "My name is Taguchi Junnosuke. Nice to metcha."

Kame staggered up, limbs cramped and aching. "My name is-" He stopped when Taguchi socked him.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" He shouted.

"Because you're a baka."


"I said baka. BA-KA."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."






"Your friends are captured."


"They're captured."

"Ueda would think of something." Kame declared.

"Tatsuya's dead." Taguchi bluntly stated.

Kame stumbled. "No... It can't be..."

But it was true. He did feel a pang of uncureable despair over the connection. Kame had shunned it, not caring at that moment.

"L-let's go." Kame managed to stutter.

"Yes." Taguchi started climbing the building.

Kame stared. A normal human couldn't do it, yet there was no presence of this Taguchi having a computer chip. Otherwise, there would be a connection over their networking.

You're hurting me, stop.


Ueda Tatsuya and Ryo Nishikido hung upside down from the ceiling, holding on the criss-crossing pipes by their legs. Ryo, bored, started to do sit-ups, but stopped when Ueda gave him a glare.

Gomen Tatsuya. He said over the link. Ueda gave the tiniest nod.

They both stiffened when they saw a shadow move. Slowly pulling out a pair of gloves, Ryo and Ueda took a breath unison.

Ueda let go, and dropped headfirst. He fell like a bullet, straight down. When he got to the last ten feet, Ueda grabbed some pipes and wires, and slid on the sleek warehouse floor.

Ryo waited, then tied a rope on the pipes firmly before jumping down, using the rope as a precaution.

Ueda flowed from the spot and disabled the alarm system in a matter of seconds.

They hurried to the next door, watching for the security cameras' beams. If they were caught, it was all over.

Ueda pulled out a key labeled
Vault 36.

Ryo turned the door, and jumped. A red laser passed through the room, crisscrossing with other beams of different colors.

Child's play. Ueda told him.

And Ueda dove in the room.

Ryo saw the guard turn the corner.


Knock him out, Ueda muttered. He stepped over a tripping wire and bent backwards to avoid a fast sweeping green light.

Ryo swept into action. As the guard passed, he grabbed his neck. Ryo pressed down with his thumb, and gave a painful shock which caused the person to drop silently, legs crumpling underneath them.



Ueda grabbed the key he tucked in his belt, and unlocked the vault. He hurriedly stuffed the papers in his knapsack and ran through the room, breaking all the lasers. Red alarms flashed in the corridor and security popped up everywhere.



Ryo and Ueda sprinted back, scaled up the rope, and made a rush to freedom.



When they got outside, Ryo flashed a grin. “And they didn’t even get a shot.” He chuckled.



Ueda nodded. “There is one flaw to the plan.”



Ryo stiffened. “What?”






Which was why, the next day, Ryo and Ueda had to find a technical genius.



One, who currently was being pampered by a good friend, was dragged into the world of danger.



The stories are connected together.


Kato Shigeaki ran for his life, basically. The procedure was simple, run or get caught. He skittered around a corner and sprinted past buildings. Tegoshi, Maru, and he had agreed to lose each other to the city and connect when they all were safe.

Shige crashed into someone, and fell on his shoulder. His bones jarred painfully, but wasn't that painful compared to the evil aura the stranger was emitting right now.

"I'm sorry." Shige bowed and turned to leave when the person grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.

Koyama Keiichiro's face peered into Shige's battered face owlishly.

"OH MY GOD IT'S SHIGE SHIGE SHIGE SHIGE SHIGESHIGESHIGESHIGEIT'SREALLYYOUMYSHIGE-CHANIMISSEDYOUSOMUCHYOUWON'TBELIEVEIT..." Koyama's face etched with concern when he saw the cuts, bruises, and numerous injuries that marked Shige's face.

Shige gluped. Here it comes...

"WHO HURT YOU SHIGE?! I WILL KILL EVERYONE WHO EVEN TOUCHED YOU! SHIGE! WHO DID THIS TO YOU?! WHO DID IT?" Koyama grabbed the helpless Shige's shoulder and shook him so hard his head nearly fell off.

"Koyama, you're killing me." Shige muttered.


A siren blasted loud noise in the background. Shige looked back.

"Got to go." He dashed off, moving fluidly across the ground like an ice-skater.



Koyama sprinted after his friend, wondering how Shige ran so fast.



They ran up a building’s stairways, and on the twelfth flight, Koyama naturally became tired. After all, he had to run from the police and chase Shige, running up the stairs didn't improve his day much.

Other then the fact he saw Shige, of course.

"Stop right there! Both of you! we have guns and we're not afraid to shoot!" Someone blared with a megaphone.



Shige looked back, groaned, grabbed Koyama around his waist, and hauled him up to the twentieth floor. He hurtled over the caution signs and ripped open a door.



“Shige, this is the rooftop.”



“I know. Koyama, do you trust me?”



“With my life.”



Shige smiled bitterly. “Good.”



Shige grabbed Koyama around the waist and jumped off the building.



Koyama screamed as the air pounded around them.



Shige leaned out as far as he could and grabbed a flagpole, spinning around it like crazy. The friction burned his hands, and not for the first time did he wish he had gloves.



The police stuck on the rooftop had no choice but to go back down.



Which gave Shige plenty of time to run. To run back to the Zakura tree.

Back to the beginning.


The one time party starts tonight.


Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin huddled up next to each other. They were stuck in the hospital, just because doctors wanted to check if drugs was used.

They were tired of it all.

Okay, maybe Yamapi was tired of it all.

Of course, doctors being doctors, insisted on the check-ups.

"I'm telling you, please?!" Yamapi yelled.

"Must... have... chocolate..." Jin muttered.

"Jin, please?" Yamapi begged. "Please?"




"It's to get out here."

"I can be lazy here."

"I'll give you chocolate."



"And ramen."


Jin stood up and rang the bell that called the nurse. Several paramedics rushed in.

"What is it, Akanishi-san?"

Jin gave a wink in a sexy manner.

The nurse promptly fainted.

The rest of the nurses watched as Jin stepped from the bed, shirt unbuttoned halfway, hair mused, and smiling.

Jin blew a kiss in a semi-hiproll.

The rest promptly lost their souls.

"...It actually worked." Yamapi muttered.

"Lets get ramen and chocolate now." Akanishi skipped around the room and bounced up and down.

"Button your shirt. Please." Yamapi groaned

"Okay." Jin sang back.

When Jin was done dressing, they stepped from the room. Nobody cared, really, so they snuck out without anyone noticing.

Except for one person.

"Huh?" He muttered before turning back to the register.

It's in our hands to shape the future.


He woke up from his sleep. He felt his counterpart die... falling into sleep in the snow. 

I'm... in danger now.

He floated in the tank, just waiting. He didn't feel the chemical as much as the feeling of snow surrounding him.

His black hair drifted in the white liquid. The breathing mask felt perfect on his face.

This was how he lived. Suspended in a tank, just waiting.

A cold needle attached to his arm. It injected an amber brown liquid into his bloodstream.

He heard two things enter the room.

"Do you think he's ready to see?" The one with the light voice asked.

"We have to believe in him." The deeper voice said.

A computer spoke inside his tank. "You have been taught as best as we could without your sight. Please prepare yourself."

He closed his eyes. He felt something odd.

The liquid drained out of the tank. He couldn't move, he was stuck to the floor; what was this?

Then he remembered one of his lessons. Gravity. You must put your hands out and stand up.

He shakily supported himself up in the glass tank.

The breathing mask fell off. 

He was stunned. Without it, he couldn't breathe.

Oxygen is everywhere. Don't panic.

He inhaled carefully. Everything seemed to be in order.

Suddenly, his eyes were full of pain.

Something shone painfully into his eyes, burning his senses. He opened his mouth to scream.

"Turn off the light!" Someone shouted. The burning sensation disappeared, replaced by a gentle darkness.

Someone put his arm over their shoulder, and half-dragged him out.

"Put some clothes on him." The deeper voice barked.

He felt soft sensations brush against his body. His head throbbed painfully, yet he still could think.

Suddenly, something happened.

The darkness did something. Instead of everything being the same, they changed.

The word is move. Remember that.

They moved.

He saw so many things.

"Who are you?" A person asked. He could see their face, eyes-nose-mouth.

"My... my name is Ueda Tatsuya..."

I will strike again until the end.

DONE! FINALLY! See, see, no need to kill me now, right? *floats away before she get brick'd*

I should write longer chapters :D

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