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09 December 2008 @ 06:40 pm
Forever Tears Chapter Nine  

Summary: Kame and Jin, Ueda and Junno, Ryo and Yamapi, Masuda and Tegoshi, Koyama and Shige all have a hidden past. They all are turned against each other. What happens if they forget each other, and start building new memories? And what happens if they remember again

Disclaimer: My name is not Johnny. That should explain everything.

URGH. My internet is going crazy. Anyways... JIN FANSERVICE? XD. Umm... Yeah... I keep putting up lines from songs for the morals .__.


Taguchi Junnosuke and Kamenashi bent over a piece of paper, studying plans.

The opposite, actually.

Actually, Taguchi was playing with his gaming console while Kame scribbled and crossed out plans all over several sheets of paper. Only one thing was decided: locate everyone.

And they didn't get much more then that.

"Oh wait." Kame said, stopping in his writing.

"What is it? Chotto matte, DIE MUSHROOM!"

"I can connect with everyone on my network." Kame slapped himself.

"Go ahead, knock yourself out." Taguchi mumbled.

Kame closed his eyes and spread his mind, looking for bright sparks that were his friends.

KAME!!! A voice bounded across the connection.

Tegoshi? Kame asked.

Hai! He cheerily replied.

Someone started beat boxing over the link.



We have to meet somewhere. Tegoshi butted in.

But where?

How about... the Dragon Zakura tree?

Everyone agreed on it.

Kazuya... The new voice stiffened everyone.

Nishikido-sama... Sorry...

No... It's better this way... You don't have to now...
An unmeasurable amount amount of sadness welled up until images slowly formed. 

Ueda's body, viewed through Ryo's eyes.

Ueda's neck was at a twisted angle, hands sprawled above his head.

The sunlight was warped.

The images crashed down.

I'm sorry... Ryo...

Nobody replied.

Ueda... gone...



Buried in the snow.

A tear rolled down Kame's cheek, and he curled up into a ball.

Time teaches success so I'll believe.


Ryo Nishikido and Yamashita Tomohisa played in the sandbox. Tanaka Koki wasn't around, so they could play safely. 

Yamapi, being Yamapi, got bored.

He stood up, brushed sand from his pants, and tried to deepen his voice as much as his seven year old voice would allow.


Ryo looked and groaned. He tried edging away, but it was too late.

"Tsuyoku tsuyoku tsuyoku hanase Ryo chan!" He sang, and pounced.

Ryo turned around before he got glomped to death by Pi.

"Ryoooo! Come back!" Pi wailed. Ryo ran faster.

He got the public bathroom and locked himself in a stall. Outside the cubicle, Pi called for Ryo.

"Ryo~ Come out~" Yamapi sang. 

"No." Yamapi smiled. He could almost see Ryo's pouting.


"No nev- ACkKKKKKK!!!!!" Ryo screamed, and jumped over the door into Yamapi's waiting arms.

Yamapi smiled. "I stuck a spider in there."

Ryo shivered in fear. "Spider... Scary..."

Yamapi laughed and cuddled Ryo. "Cuddly Ryo-chan."

The two were laughing so hard in each other's arms that they never noticed a small boy watching them forlornly.

I can change the world with my hands.


Tanaka Koki woke up with a start to the final ring of his alarm.

"Damn." He growled under his breath. "I'm going to be late for work."

Koki ran a brush through his hair and and shrugged on his coat. He rushed out of the apartment, kicked the door so it closed behind him, he dashed through the streets. Most people went out of the way, fearing the speeding mafia-looking man.

Koki remembered he wasn't allowed to run so quickly. The last tme he did that, he even got a ticket for speeding, and he wasn't even driving.

So it was time to take a shortcut.

Koki jumped from the railing that surrounded the sidewalk pavement. He landed safety and ran to the little ramen shop he owned.

Koki rummaged his pockets for his keys. His frantic search didn't reveal anything.

Did I leave my keys in my house? Koki cursed again and kicked the small door down. He opened the fronts doors with the spare keys in the pantry.

He started taking out ingredients immediately.

Unfortunately, he drew in a very hungry person named Akanishi Jin.

Akanishi, who was walking currently arm in arm with Yamashita Tomohisa. They tried looking as innocent as possible, but Jin was 1.) hungry, 2.) and Yamapi promised him ramen. That the complaining didn't help, as it was coming from a grown man.

As well as the incredibly good looks which both of them had.

It also didn't help that both girls and boys had tried to hit on them while they were walking very quickly from the hospital.

Jin crawled in the back door and snatched a bowl of ramen Koki made. He crawled backwards, and tried making a getaway.

"What are you doing?" Koki growled, still chopping vegetables with a huge knife. Jin gulped and curled up into a ball.

Koki turned around. His eyes widened

"My god..."

Koki reached over and poked the curled up ball's collarbone.

The ball immediately uncurled and screamed.

"KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!! MY COLLARBONE!!!!!" Jin wailed and flopped around the floor like a dying fish. He started ranting about how the world was after his collarbone all the time.

And went on for five minutes.

Koki laughed at his old friend. In the end, there had to be a stopping line.

"No food for the rest of the day."

Jin stopped flailing and looked up. "My friend used to- HEY! LOOK! PI! LOOK, IT'S KOU-CHAN!!!!!"

Pi timidly tiptoed in. "Kou-chan?" He muttered, not expecting the mafia looking man to have such an innocent name.

Koki grabbed his knife and started brandishing it. "OI! MY NAME IS KOKI NOT KOU-CHAN!"

Yamapi hurriedly backed off. "Okay, okay, got it."

Jin pouted. "But you call me Bakanishi."

"But you are a baka." Koki sighed.

"I am SO not a baka." Jin wailed.

Koki pried the ramen bowl from Jin's clutch and frowned. "You broke it, you pay for it."

Yamapi groaned. He knew where this would lead.

Jin turned around to look at Pi. "Pi-chan?" Jin gave the most innocent look he could muster.


"D-demo..." Jin's lips quivered. His eyes filled up with tears...

"Fine." Pi turned around. "How much?"

Koki paused and punched in some numbers. "And I'll charge for sneaking in, spilling ramen, counting cleaning services-"

"What?!" Pi yelled. "Jin, you are so DEAD."

You were right there all along, never noticed.


Kame, age of five, returned to his room. He yawned and brushed his teeth, like a good boy. Kame changed into his nightshirt and was about to climb into bed when he saw a black lump.

He walked over to the bedside poked it.





The lump quivered.

"Aka?" Kame whispered.

"Me no Jin. Me lump." The lump whispered back.

"You Aka Jin." Kame declared.

"No. Me lump." The lump protested weakly.



"Lumpy don't talk."

There was silence as the older boy digested the fact. His eyes swelled up with tears.

"Kazu no wanta me."

Kame was horrified. His eyes widened and his hands started fluttering in frantic motion. "Nono! Kazu love Aka Jin!"

Kame jumped into the bed and hugged the lump. "Kazu lova Aka Jin foreva." Kame clutched Akanishi tightly. "Kazu no let go 'cause he lova Jin."

After a while, Kame fell asleep. Jin untangled himself from the blankets and looked at Kame.

"Me lova Kame foreva too." Jin snuggled closer to Kame and fell asleep.

When the matron came around to check the wards, she sighed. The two boys were sleeping with each other

"What are we going to do about them?" She sighed again and left.

Believe in yourself, because this is all a dream.


Ueda Tatsuya's head pounded slightly. He tried lifting his head, but failed.

His senses burned again when he opened his eyes, but this time, it was a pleasant burning.

Suddenly, his head was on fire.


The pain reclined and faded. Ueda stared at his pale hands in shock.

He lifted his head from the satin blankets, and caught a sight of himself in the mirror.

Ueda's lips were painted red, and two earrings hung from a ear. Around his neck hung a red stone. A black butterfly pin held his hair up, which was colored gold in several intricate patterns.

Nee, yasashii sugata ni kokoro kakimawa sareteku.

Sono senaka ga kirei sugite marude.

Midareteku butterfly.

What an amazing butterfly.

Ueda stiffened. He thought those words, and yet he never heard them before. Yet, the voices sounded so real.

He stood up, and stared. He was dressed in a black and gold kimono, which was adorned in a white leopard.

"What the-?" He croaked out, and froze. His voice sounded just like one of voices that echoed through his head.

A posse of doctors filed into the room. "He learns fast." They muttered, and took notes. 

Ueda whipped around. "Where am I?" He demanded. One doctor came up.

"Let us explain."

Ueda nodded consent.

"Good. When you were born, we copied your DNA, and cloned it."

"My counterpart."

The doctor looked startled. "Yes. Actually, you weren't supposed to know."

Ueda shook his head. "I... saw... everything through this eye." Ueda pointed to his left eye, which glittered softly, gold dust lining the pupils.

The orderly stepped forward. "Then do you know your memories?"

"Not exactly." Ueda hesitated, but plunged on. "My name is Ueda Tatsuya. My counterpart is one year younger then me. My birthday is one day after... Ryo Nishikido's birthday... I am the original person to be born. My counterpart has lived as the Snow Leopard and as the adviser, friend, and sub-leader of the thieves. I hear echoes of the future. And..."

"Yes?" The orderly prompted.

"I know what I have to do." Ueda's eyes widened, and shone with a fierce light. "And nobody can stop me from it."

Anybody in front of my goal shall be destroyed immediately. Now.

This chapter feels so, I don't know, lacking. D: I don't like this chapter at all.

o.O I just read Twilight (and watched) yesterday, and I see the similarities between this fic and that book. Damn. WHY WORLD? WHY IS IT THAT ALL MY IDEAS ARE TAKEN OVER BY EVIL HUMANS WHO HAS THIS EVIL GRUDGE AGAINST ME?! *gets brick'd* Umm... Yeah... The echo Ueda hears is from BUTTERFLY. And, hopefully, I'll still truge on with this really stupid and dumb fic. 



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haaaanahaaaana on December 20th, 2008 09:43 pm (UTC)
XDDD Of course you want comments~ You're so cute Suzy-chan~! LOL, Ueda with red lips~ Are you having a phase with Butterfly? XDD It's not that similar with twilight. It's only a few subtle similarities, and by subtle, I mean really really subtle. AWWWLLOOKKKIIEESSUZZYWROTECHIBIAKAME~~~~~ :DDDDDDDD
And teh famous pokepokepokepoke is back~! XDDD YAYNESS.
keitarukeitaru on January 3rd, 2009 05:35 am (UTC)
You forgot about LIPS.