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19 December 2008 @ 09:14 pm
Forever Tears Chapter Ten  
Summary: Kame and Jin, Ueda and Junno, Ryo and Yamapi, Masuda and Tegoshi, Koyama and Shige all have a hidden past. They all are turned against each other. What happens if they forget each other, and start building new memories? And what happens if they remember again?

Disclaimer: Why is it that everyone think's I'm Johnny?! I really shouldn't need to put these disclaimers up D:<

Pfffttt. Blah, humbug. I'll work 38 hours on Christmas and be happy. Blah, humbug. Do you guys expect me to work that hard? D:<

Ryo Nishikido was hauled up roughly by his neck. He winced and lashed out blindly. After hearing some satisfying cracks and yells, he stopped. 

"Shi- Tie him!" Someone barked. Rough hands grabbed Ryo's hands and legs, and secured them with cold metal cuffs.

Ryo bit back an insult, swallowed his pride, and pretended to go limp. The prison guards, satisfied, let go of Ryo.

Fatal mistake.

Ryo snapped the cuffs into pieces and kicked out again. He tore off his blindfold and threw a punch, and felt it land on someone's nose.

Within ten seconds, the five guards were down and out.

Ryo slammed against the bars, and caused it to bend. He grabbed hold of two and snapped them into pieces.

Immediately, an alarm went off. Red lights flashed and a caterwauling siren blared in the corridor. Guards poured out from every corner, blocking every corner of escape.

Within ten minutes, Ryo was the last person standing.

He turned around to see one last person stagger up and shoot a stinger.

The needle hit his left arm.

Ryo staggered as the drug took effect. He fell slowly, sight blurry, and collapsed into a heap. His hair fell in his eyes as he inched forward, fingernails digging into the ground, leaving imprints. Ryo's breathing hitched slightly.

"Damn you..." Ryo snarled. "Why...? Tatsuya... save... clear your..."

After clearing ten feet, all full of profane muttering, Ryo was unconscious.

Someone shone a bright light in Ryo's eyes. He winced and tried to turn his head, but couldn't. He tried to shut his eyes tightly against the glare, but someone held them open.

"Let me go!" Ryo screamed. He found he was strapped to a metal chair. He trashed wildly before calming down again. An immense chuckle rolled down the throat of someone behind the light, which flared up Ryo's anger again. "I'll kill you!" Ryo lost his temper, and screamed profanities.

Before he could finish, an electric current went through the chair. Ryo spasmodically screamed and twitched. The pain stopped after ten seconds of torture. Ryo went limp. He could smell his own scorched skin.

"You don't want that to happen again?" The voice demanded. "Then confess."

Ryo's head snapped up. "I have nothing to confess." He panted. "Let me go."


Another current went through the chair.

"STOP IT!" Ryo's anguished screams rose higher and higher.

"Don't worry Ryo. I'll be by your side, always." A familiar voice whispered.

Ryo stopped, and hardly dared to whisper the name. "Tatsuya?"

"Yes." Ryo saw a pale hand come out of the darkness and brush against his cheeks. He blinked, and it was gone.

"I'm going crazy." He muttered.

"Now-" The voice declared.

"Wait!" Ryo screamed. "What about bail?!"

The voice paused, and asked, interested. "Bail?"


"Do you know how much it would be?"

"I'm willing to pay for whatever." Ryo shut his eyes and prayed forgiveness. I'm sorry Tatsuya...

After a momentary pause, the voice declared the sum. "The bail is 90000000 yen."

A document and a pen was shoved in front of Ryo's face. He glared up.

"My hands are tied, idiots."

A burly man stepped from the light. His gigantic figure gave shade to his pained eyes. Ryo blinked several times, adjusting quickly to the dark. The person reached over and cut the ropes.

Ryo winced when the cramps kicked in. He stiffly grabbed the pen and wrote in the name.

"Don't worry Ryo. My family is rich. We have enough funds to support our organization."

Ryo peered into Ueda's sleepy face.

"Are you sure?" Ryo asked again.

"Yes. Now, shut up and go to sleep. We'll need it for tomorrow."

"Whatever you say, hime-sama."


"I'm sorry." Ryo paused and smirked. "Hime."

Ryo signed the name that would let him go.


The guard looked at the name and staggered back. "I-it's..."

"What is it?" The demanding voice boomed again.

The guard turned and fled behind the light. "It's the Tatsuya family!" He screamed. "This guy is supported by the Tatsuya family!"

Ryo smirked. The Tatsuya family must have been famous to inspire terror like this.

Ten minutes later, an army of policemen surrounded Ryo and escorted him out.

Ryo twisted his head to glare at the retreating station.

Then, when he was alone, he set out for the distant Zakura Tree.

Didn't you trust my word?


Taguchi Junnosuke, the lonely ten year old, watched the only other kid in the playground, unaware of the other's blushes.

Ueda Tatsuya blushed again when he caught Junno's eyes again. He swung forlornly on the swing set, once. Junno kinda scared him, with the cheesy smiles.

Also, the fact that Taguchi was just as rich as him didn't help.

Taguchi watched Ueda's actions. He wondered where the small, bad-mouthing kid went. It didn't matter it him, of course, but it was nice to be alone with Ueda.

Well, it didn't
really matter, did it?

The sun slowly sank, the golden rays illuminating the brown earth.

Ueda kicked some sand. This was the only free day he was going to get for the week, before returning to his schedule, and all he was doing was shying away. He was very angry at himself.

"Come on Ueda," he muttered. "Your..." A crimson blush worked up his face. "Your love is ten feet away and you can't even stand up to confess. Idiot. You know how to stand up and speak."

Taguchi was mumbling the same things to himself. "Junno! Uebo is
right there. You love him, you confess."

The two children both got up and timidly walked to each other. They spoke at the same time.

"Will you come to my house?"

Ueda and Taguchi started at each other.

"W-well." Ueda stuttered. "I-I'm sorry." 

Taguchi was even more flustered. "I'M SORRY!"

Ueda was speechless.

Taguchi was stuttering.

Ueda grabbed Taguchi's hand and slipped his cold hands into them. "Let's go to your house." He muttered, knowing he was going to get in trouble with Ryo.

Taguchi turned a tomato red. "O-okay!"

They walked to Taguchi's house, hands joined together. 

"Nee...  Taguchi..." Ueda spoke in the silence.

"Hmmm...?" Taguchi was so wrapped up in his happiness that he didn't notice Ueda glaring at him.

"Fine..." Ueda sighed, which jolted Junno back to his senses.

"Yeah, what it is?"

Ueda shot him with a glare. "Why didn't you confess before?"

Taguchi was silent. "Umm..."

"You... You!"

Ueda chased Taguchi around the block three times before catching up with him. He tackled Junno's running form, and they collided.

Ueda blinked. The computer chip didn't have any effect right there.

I'll look into it later. He decided.

They had an official sleepover. 

The next day, it was raining.

Ueda was caught.

Ryo asked Taguchi to protect his princess, like a prince.

From that day, Taguchi vowed to be Ueda's savior, no matter what happened.

i'll walk through the halls of ice and flame for you. And only you.


Tegoshi Yuya swung upside down. His legs tightly gripped the monkey bars as he waited impatiently for the others to arrive.

He was BORED.

Tegoshi wished somebody, anybody, was there. He missed playing with Massu-chan. And Kame-chan. And Ryo-tan. Even scary Uebo-chan was preferable to this horrible, evil, deadly, Tegoshi-killing bored-ness.

”Hey.” A tenor voice breathed in his ear. Tegoshi shrieked in fear, and managed to fall on his butt.

”WAAA!!!” Tegoshi wailed, lips forming into a pout. He looked up to see a grinning Kamenashi Kazuya. “KAME-CHAN! YOU SCARED ME!”

”Idiot.” Kame laughed. “I was swinging next to your for the last ten minutes.”

”…OH. I SHOULD STOP TALKING SO LOUDLY, SHOULDN’T I?” Tegoshi clutched his beating heart.

Then again, this was preferable to the boredom.

”Yes you should.” Kame said, matter-of-factly. “I thought we were supposed to meet at the Dragon Zakura tree?” Kame arched an eyebrow.


Kame swung upwards and let go. He flew before landed on all four’s, catlike.

”Last person there is going to get a nasty surprise!” Kame called. He started racing, becoming a blur.

”Hey! Wait for me!” Tegoshi started sprinting, until he was a small blur. He knew they couldn’t stop without getting injured, but it was worth the speed.

”This feels good.” Tegoshi said, not caring who heard. He pushed on, skittered around a corner, and slowly caught up with Kame. Kame looked back and saw Tegoshi. He grinned widely and went even faster.

They ended as a tie, because Kame tripped over an escaping turtle while Tegoshi stepped over Kame.

Kame pouted.

“Hmm… What took you so long?” An familiar, exasperated voice asked. Ryo jumped from a tree branched like a bird taking flight. His black eyes revealed nothing but pain, as much as his smile tried fooling them.



“Sorry Boss.” Kame said. His eyes turned bright, vivid purple, and then faded back to normal.



Tegoshi bounced around. “RYO-TAN!”



Ryo nodded. “Tego-nyan.”



Kato Shigeaki and Koyama Keiichiro emerged from the distance.



Actually, Shige was giving Koyama a piggy back ride, high speed.

"That was fun!" Koyama was saying. "We'll do it again, okay?"

Shige nodded. "Sure."

They both saluted Ryo, even if Koyama didn't know him.

Shige bowed and said, "This is Koyama Keiichiro, an old friend and a new star." 

Koyama gave a playful pinch to Shige's cheeks. He frowned. "You need to eat more."

Tegoshi sniggered. "Looks like Keiichiro-san doesn't want to be known."

Kame pouted. "Ryo, you scolded me when I brought.... Akanishi.... and Yamashita-san, yet he brings a celebrity into our circle, and you don't get mad?" His eyes had an injured look in them.

"...Umm.... There is no time to be mad?" Ryo offered weakly.

"HEY! YOU GUYS!" Nakamaru Yuichi staggered up the hills surrounding the area. He tripped and tumbled down, head-over-heels style. 

"Owww." Maru mumbled. The others winced.

"So.. everyone's here, right?" Ryo glanced around. He might as well as said, except for Tatsuya.

They all nodded.

"Okay, this will be an important meeting, since we lost our hideout and all."

Tegoshi raised a hand. "What about our appointments with Johnny-san?"

Ryo shrugged it off. "We're going to have to cancel."


Ryo blinked. He swore he could see a familiar, white shape running to where they were, like a graceful leopard.

Ryo swore and rubbed his eyes. 

The figure was gone.

The others, confused, watched Ryo's actions.

"Ryo-tan?" Tegoshi waved a hand in front of Ryo's face. 

Ryo jumped when he heard a voice in his ear say, "I'll throw you into the clutches of Yamashita-san if you don't answer Teogshi right now."

I'm going mad, Ryo thought.

"Yes you are."

"Yeah, Tegoshi, what is it?"

Tegoshi blinked. "You were out of it. Ryo-tan, how could you forget us?"

"Ahh... Sorry."

Now, we have another chance to try again.


Akanishi Jin stood on the spot, arms crossed, his five year old lips pouting. 


"You have to. Mama and Papa went to a nice place in the sky." A voice replied.


"No, they're gone."

A three year old and a nurse walked in the room. The adult was dragging the younger into the room. 

Jin glowered. So this messy, waily, dirty child was going to be his roommate? Well, he wasn't going to stand it.

The matron came running in. She glared at Kame.

Kame was cross. He stood up straight and mumbled. "Ello. Me nama Kame-nashi."

The adults sighed.

The nurse looked at Jin. "This is Kamenashi Kazuya. He's your new roommate."

Jin scowled more.

The matron gave another glare, this time at Jin.

Akanishi sighed and introduced himself. "My nama Aka-aka-jin."

The nurse told Kame, "This is Akanishi Jin."

Kame looked up at Jin. His long eyelashes dripped with tears, which came from his red-rimmed eyes. His thin face was... well... in Akanishi's dirty mind...

Akanishi didn't even mind the bushy eyebrows.

Kame's lips worked into an adorable pout.

Which made Jin melt right on the spot.

"KAZU-CHAN!" He sang, and bounded forward. He glomped the smaller child, ignoring the younger's suprised protests.

The two adults looked at each other.

"They'll get along well." The matron concluded. They looked at the children, and gulped.

Kame's flailing arms were pinned down by Jin's hands. He stopped squirming and was squealing happily.


"I LOVA KAME-NASHI!" Jin screamed.


The adults glanced at each other for the third time.

"They will definitely get along, all right."

"And here I am, worrying like a worrywort."

Just then, Kame's hair tickled Jin's collarbone.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Jin screamed.

And went on for ten solid minutes, all in one breath.

Do you believe in love at first sight?


Ueda Tatsuya sat down in the patio's ground. He watched the butterflies flying around, when one landed in his hair.

He shook his head, and the ornaments jingled.

"Outdoor life is quite challenging." Someone chuckled. He whirled around to see a young man, younger than him, stand in the doorway. The other's brown-gold hair was cut at shoulder length, and his blue-gray eyes twinkled in amusement.

Ueda's black eyes narrowed. "Who are you?"

The other smiled. "My name is Taguchi Junnosuke."

Ueda was confused. He stood up. "How did you get in here?"

Taguchi tilted his head. "I'm the head of this organization."

Ueda frowned. "How come I never saw you before?"

"Come come you're cloned then?" Taguchi shot right back. Ueda flinched.

Taguchi's eyes softened. "No one explained, right?"

Ueda nodded. "Yeah, nobody explained."

Taguchi closed his eyes. "Okay, when you were born, you were cloned."

"I know that."

"My family was the one who supported the whole thing. You were locked up in a 'safe' environment, while your other side, your clone, was exposed to harsh living conditions. He died in the end, as you know."

"I know."

"Anyways, another group fought for you." Taguchi's eyes closed. "The other group's name was the Kitawaga Group."


"They wanted to keep you for future... plans... Our side wanted to keep you for testing."

Ueda eye's became accusing. "So all I am doing to being the catalyst for trouble?!"

Junno sighed. "You wer- are, I mean, the guinea pig."

Ueda's temper rose slightly.

"And... the problem was... your family and my family were rich as well. Your family supported our family, so my family didn't like your's very much. Just because you helped." Taguchi snorted. "Idiots."

Ueda nodded, and stared at the ground.

"The problem was... well..." Taguchi shuffled his feet.

"What?" Ueda looked up sharply.

"Well... we fell in love with each other...." Taguchi whispered.

 "What?!" Ueda yelped.


"I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME." Ueda yelled back.

"And... Well... AHEM..." Taguchi cleared his throat. "We're married."

"...No, I never got married." Ueda shook his head in denial. "If anything, it's the Akame pair that should be, not us."

Just then, Ueda saw Taguchi's left hand.

More precisely, the ring finger.

Which sparkled with a brilliant ring.


Taguchi stared at the ground. "When we were drunk." 

"We didn't... ahem... sleep together... right?" Ueda cringed.

"Nope, be happy." Taguchi glowered.

Ueda's head shot up. "You're mad."

"Yes I am."


"Cause you're so bloody innocent! People just dragged you into this!"

"There's another reason, isn't there?" Ueda suggested quietly.

"Yes." Taguchi looked up, a slight rage contorting his features. "You. Are. In. Love. With. Nishikido. Ryo."

"No." Ueda backed down. His eyes reflected the past hurt he had inflicted on Ryo.

"It's true." Taguchi muttered.

"No. It can't be." Ueda shook his head in denial.  

Taguchi looked up. "I'm sorry. You did."

He turned and left.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

*For those who had trouble understanding Tegoshi’s language from outer space:



Sorry about the delayed update.

I don't like this chapter at ALL.


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haaaanahaaaana on December 30th, 2008 08:29 pm (UTC)

Anyways, loved the chapter! Still a little bit confused about the whole cloned Ueda thing. I mean, so when Ueda was born, there was a clone Ueda growing up alongside him? Yay~ You're listening to Your Seed! Lol, sorry. Seriously, post your fics on fic communities, everybody would love them and you'd get a lot of rating and reviewing~

OHMYGOSH It's Ryoda vs. Junda!!! :DDDDDD I always loved faceoffs thingies like that~~~~~ I want MORE. NOW. PLEASE?
keitarukeitaru on December 30th, 2008 11:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you.

No, I still think my writing's too horrible to put up in communities. >:D
haaaanahaaaana on January 6th, 2009 11:57 pm (UTC)
NOOOOOO!!!! TT^TT Why do you think that?! Come on, post it somewhere~ You'll get a lot of comments and more constructive criticism than mine~ lol.
keitarukeitaru on January 9th, 2009 01:14 am (UTC)
Of course I suck at writing D:
dawn in the fieldsminamoto on March 9th, 2009 12:35 am (UTC)
ah, it's been a while since you posted this, but I just read through what was reading and am dying for more D:

I'll be keeping an eye out for updates!