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16 January 2009 @ 11:21 pm
Forever Tears Chapter Eleven  

Summary: Kame and Jin, Ueda and Junno, Ryo and Yamapi, Masuda and Tegoshi, Koyama and Shige all have a hidden past. They all are turned against each other. What happens if they forget each other, and start building new memories? And what happens if they remember again?

Disclaimer: I own the plot, maybe. The JE boys, no.

Ignore the idiot talking to herself in the corner.

Akanishi Jin, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Tanaka Koki sat around the table, eating. Akanishi was eating his tenth bowl of ramen, Yamapi was chewing rice, and Koki was ripping a teddy bear to pieces.

So what if Koki wasn't really eating? It was the thought that counted.

Jin slurped the last of the noodles down his throat. "Hey, Kou-chan?" 

Koki glared at Jin. "My name is NOT Kou-chan."

Yamapi watched the two bickering friends. 

"Okay, okay. Do you remember Kame-chan?" Jin pressed on.

Koki stopped ripping the teddy bear into pieces and thought carefully. "Wasn't Kame that little boy with bushy eyebrows you were always ranting so cheerfully about?"

Jin paused. "He's not so bushy eyebrow-ed any more."

"Uh-huh, yeah. What about him?"

"Uh... Never mind." Jin paused. "Okay, umm... Do you want to see a picture of him?"

Koki raised an eyebrow. "A picture?"

"Yeah." Jin pulled out a piece of paper from his back pocket.

"...WHAT THE HECK IS THIS JIN?" Koki demanded. "This isn't a picture, this is a SCRIBBLE."

Pi leaned over to see, and recoiled. "Jin... This is... too much."

The drawing consisted of lines, scribbles, circles, and unorganized hearts.

Koki grabbed the so called drawing and pulled out another from the back of the store. He started drawing on the second paper.

After ten minutes, Koki slammed the picture he drew on the table. Jin and Pi leaned in to see.

It was Kame's face staring at them.

"Does he look like that?" Koki demanded.

"Yeah." PI and Jin nodded frantically.

Pi was amazed. Koki was able to take Jin's awful drawing, copied it, and made it into a portrait.

"That's not it, though, is it?" Koki said.

"Huh?" Jin looked up.

"You really didn't mean to say that in the first place, did you?"

"No." Jin confessed. "I wanted to ask you a question."


"Uhh... Umm... What is it like to fall in love?" Jin blurted out.

"I never really fell in love before so I don't know." Koki answered.

"It feels nice." Pi answered.

"...You fell in love before?" Akanishi swiveled his head to face an embarrassed Pi.

"Yeah." Pi twisted his mouth. "It was..."

"Who?" Koki and Jin asked at the same time.


"Whoooo~." Koki sang. He got up. "I'll be right back."

When Koki was safely out of sight and hearing, Pi leaned in toward Jin. "What do you think happened to those guys?"

"I don't know." Akanishi twisted his lips. "I'm worried."

The old relationships are being confessed again.


Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeaki were baking cookies.

Actually, Koyama was baking while Shige was looking up on the Internet recipes for delicious cookies.

"Nee… Shige-chan?” Koyama sang out. Shige looked up.



"If I added baking powder with vinegar in the cookie dough, will this cookie explode?" Koyama held up a bubbling cookie.

Shige stated calmly, "Yeah."

The cookie exploded into small pieces, covering Koyama with cookie dust.

"Oh. Okay." Koyama frowned at the computer. "It has a tiny dot on it. IT HAS A TINY DOT ON IT."

"Leave it alone." Shige said, still looking up recipes.

"BUT IT IS A TINY DOT. I MEAN, IT HAS A TINY DOT." Koyama frowned again.

Shige grabbed a towel and wiped the tiny dust mite (that he couldn't even see) away. "Happy?"

"NO. THERE'S ANOTHER ONE." Koyama pointed.

Shige swiped at the offending spot. "Happy?"

"THERE'S ANOTHER SPOT. OH MY GOD WHY ARE THERE SO MANY SPOTS IN THE WORLD?!" Koyama started ranting. Shige got out his earplugs and turned up the music on his iPod.

Ten minutes later, he found himself in an apron and holding a feather duster.

"Why am I doing this again?" Shige muttered.


"You're raving mad." Shige sighed. He started dusting.

Ten minutes later, he was still dusting the same spot.

"MORE. DUST IT MORE. MORE! MORE!" Koyama waved his hands in the air.

"I'M NOT DOING IT ANY LONGER!" Shige screamed.


"...Why the hell was I doing this anyways?"

"No idea." Koyama chirped.

"What the heck." Shige sat down and passed out of Koyama exhaustion.

"Shige? Shige-chan~?" Koyama sang out. "Are you sleeping~?" He poked Shige and listened carefully.

Only a faint muttering and snoring was heard was heard.

Mutter snore.

Mutter mutter snore.

Mutter mutter mutter snore 

Koyama's head shot up  He saw a dark shadow dart from the ceiling.

He saw nothing after, only the faint dreams of sleep.

Ryo Nishikido and Ueda Tatsuya stood over Shige. Ueda spoke first. "So this is the computer genius, then? Kato Shigeaki?"

"I guess." Ryo replied.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Ueda hauled Shige over his shoulder and ran out of the house, Ryo cleaning up the footsteps.

Things will not be a same anymore. Ever.


"This is it." Ryo took in a breath. "Remember what I told you, go and do your best, okay?"

"Okay." The other people in the party replied. Kamenashi Kazuya bit his lower lip.

"Is it really going to work?" Kame questioned.

"Hopefully it will." Ryo replied.

Ryo had told them about Ueda's family.

Tegoshi shuddered once in anticipation and rung the doorbell.

A booming bell resounded in the mansion.

The huge front gates swung open slowly, revealing a lush and beautiful garden.

Nakamaru Yuichi took a tentative step forward. When nothing happened, he started to walk more quickly to the door. He twisted his head to see what took the rest of his friends so long. "Come on!"

Shige gulped and followed, everyone else trailing behind him.

Ryo shook his head and pushed open the second doorbell. A maid with a rumpled uniform opened the heavy doors. "Yes?"

"I'm here to visit the head of this house." Ryo stated.

"I'm sorry, but I must have your identification." The maid was alert now, broom poised for any danger.

Kame put an hand on Ryo's shoulder. "Let me handle it." He turned to the maid and smiled.

The girl's lips pressed together in a tight line.

Kame licked his lips, pretending to be nervous. "Excuse me, but please, we're friends of the younger master." He leaned forward and pressed some money into her hand.

"Right this way, please." The maid ushered the five of them in front of a study. She knocked and a tired voice called, "Come in."

She pushed the door open. Two men, one old and on e young, stared at the ragged group,

Ryo's lips curled back in recognization. His eyes flashed in pure hate and anger.

"I'll leave you guys in here for a while." The older man got up from the desk and left, yawning.

Ryo's hand snaked out with super fast speed and slammed the other person on the wall. "You!"

Taguchi Junnosuke snarled. "Where the hell did you come from?" He broke free of Ryo's grip and jumped back.

"No, where the hell did you come from?" Ryo growled, adding some adjectives after the question. Kame stood in shock; Ryo hardly cursed very violently.

"You-" Taguchi bit his lips down. He closed his eyes and stood very still, tremors going through his body.

When they subsided, Taguchi's eyes flew open.

"Well?" Ryo demanded. "What do you say for yourself."

"Nothing. It's all for Ueda." Taguchi muttered. Ryo snarled and flew to Taguchi, a dark streak.

Maru, Shige, and Tegoshi had to hold back Ryo before he murdered Taguchi.

"STOP ACTING SO BLOODY INNOCENT! YOU KNOW YOU WANTED TO-" Ryo was cut off when Taguchi's fist came flying.

Kame held back Taguchi's struggling arm. "Stop it. Please." Kame muttered. Taguchi nodded once.

"I hate you." Ryo muttered. Taguchi shrugged.

"Ryo!" Tegoshi snapped. Everyone looked at Tegoshi in surprise.

"Wha-" Maru only got a single word out before Ryo and Taguchi broke free at the same time and hurled themselves out the color stained glass window. Fragments rained down everywhere.

"OI! RYO!" Shige bellowed out the window. The two were tumbling in the grass, landing punches and leaving behind upturned soil. A gardener started to stop, but decided he didn't want to go near the fighting pair.

Two blurs rushed in and out of motion. They stopped once in a while to get their bearings, and flowed back into motion again. Ryo jumped, hands extended, and Taguchi stepped aside. He lunged forward, and slipped into a headlock with Ryo.

"Stop, stop, STOP!" Kame growled and tried pulling the two bitter fighters apart. "What are you doing?!" 

"You-" Ryo roared out a challenge.

Then suddenly, Ryo and Taguchi stopped.

A white leopard padded softly out the dark brambles. It's ears flicked forward once, and smoothly walked over to the watching people. It nuzzled Taguchi's hand, and looked up at Ryo's angry face.

Kame gasped. The eyes were exactly the same as Ueda.

The leopard growled once. It barely inclinced it's head before springing back to the shady groove.

"I'll see him soon..." Ryo nodded. "What room?" 

"I'll see to it." Taguchi said back, oddly stiff and formal. Kame tilted his head in an unasked question.

Ryo? Kame asked.

I'll explain everything later. For now, we have a place to crash for the night. Ryo projected his thoughts to extend to the others as well.

Now and forever, I'm alone.


"One... more..." Ueda's hand slammed down some change. The bartender hurried to fetch another can of beer.

"You're going to get sick." Taguchi muttered, chugging down the rest of his drink. The table they were sitting at was overflowing with empty bottles.

"Wh-who cares?" Ueda slurred, eyes crossing. It was once in a while they could ever met and be reckless.

"Uebo... hime... Only this one, 'kay?" Taguchi was much more sober then Ueda, obviously, but was stil drunk enough for reckless ideas.

"Yeah... Drink our life away." Ueda started giggling.

After a couple of cans, the two were completely stoned.

An hour later, Kame drove in to pick up Ueda.

"God." Kame breathed. "What the heck is wrong with him?" His head swiveled to take in Taguchi. "And who the hell is that?"

Ueda woke up. "Hey Kame. Just... Leave me alone, 'kay? Be fine..." Ueda's head hit the table.

"Arrr..." Kame closed his eyes. He couldn't disobey Ueda's orders, no matter what.

"Go away Kame-chan." Ueda mumbled.

As soon as Kame left, Taguchi and Ueda sprang up.

"Your house or mine?" Taguchi asked.

"What you want, Jun-kun?" Ueda giggled and poked Taguchi's cheek.

"Kay then... How about..." Taguchi took Ueda's hand and pulled him out the bar.

"Where are we going?" Ueda asked after walking around for ten minutes. He sounded more sober.

"Wait..." Taguchi griited his teeth.

Ueda found himself in front a church.

"Church?" He wrinkled his nose.

"Yeah. Marriage." Taguchi grinned impishly.

"Oh, whatever you want." Ueda yawned on Taguchi's shoulder.

"So, you accept?" Taguchi asked eagerly.


Taguchi opened the doors and slipped in. He sat on the altar, Ueda falling alseep on his shoulder.

"Okay." Taguchi shook Ueda awake. "Exchange rings?"

"Kay~." Ueda took off a ring from one of his fingers and swapped with Taguchi. "For my Jun-kun."

"One for Uebo-hime." Taguchi slid on another ring on Ueda's finger.

"What now?" Ueda furrowed his brows and tried to remember what came next. "Don't we need a priest?"

"No. There's a camera right there." Taguchi pointed. "I'm sure the people can be like, witness and stuff."

"Okay." Ueda turned his head and gave Taguchi a small kiss on the lips before faliing into a heap on Taguchi's lap.

Twelve hours later, a very worried Kame was running around, looking for Ueda.

When Ueda woke up in bed, in a hotel room that Kame had rented, sleeping with Junno, he screamed. His head pounded like hell. "WHERE THE HELL AM I?! AND WHY AM I SLEEPING WITH YOU?!"

Junno woke up as well. "WHAT HAPPENED?!"

Then they caught sight of their rings, and screamed in unison.

"DIVORCE! I WANT A DIVORCE!" Ueda shrieked. He grabbed Taguchi by the shoulders and shook him. "WHAT HAPPENED?! I WANT A DIVORCE RIGHT NOW! OR GO TO AMERICA!" 

We do stupid things in life, don't worry.


Ueda threw a pillow across the room. He growled in frustration.

"What the heck did Taguchi mean?" He muttered. "In love with that poison-tongued man?"

Ueda paced around the room. He growled again. "Even if all the memories I have with him was my other part's memories, I’ll take all responsibility for myself. But really, dumping that all on me, just when I'm able to walk and talk."  

Ueda's left eye stung. "Not again. Not now, please." Ueda shut his eyes tightly. 

Ryo and Taguchi faced each other. Ueda was pushed away whenever he tried to talk to the two of them.

"No. He has to help us." Ryo countered.

life was protected by us." Taguchi argued.

"He was the one who took us all in." Ryo shot back. "And you can drop that stupid grin of yours."

Taguchi breathed in. He knew he had one last weapon. "He's married to me."

Ryo staggered back, as if he was shot. "W-what?"

"MARRIED." Taguchi screamed.

DRUNK." Ueda shrieked, finally able to put a word in the conversation.



"Why can't you make up your mind?" Ryo asked quietly. Ueda blinked.

"I don't know who I am yet." He stated plainly. 

Ueda's brows furrowed. The memory he experienced cleared up Taguchi's accusations.

Yet, something didn't fit.

"What was about the innocent part?" Ueda muttered. "Everything I did was my fault, after all."

Ueda's eyes widened.

Something happened, didn't it?

Ueda gnawed on the pillow. He ripped the pillow into shreds, and then stopped.

"What did I just do to this thing?"

Ueda's eyes contracted. His head pounded. Ueda clutched his head in pain.



Everything disappeared, and a large place replaced.



Ueda saw a girl up on stage, singing. The audience was screaming and yelling, waving light pens.

Kowareta karada dake wo,
Karamase tsuite.
Nigedasanaide yo.
Itsuka wa todoku no?
Hajimete mita yume no ori wo.
Mada tooi keredo. Being lost.”
She sang out in a clear voice.

Suddenly, Ueda was next to her. He peered into her face.



It was him.



Ueda collapsed on the bed, and his fingers went to his temple. "I heard something again... Just like what happened two days ago. Only… more vivid."

Ten seconds later, he muttered. "I do not look that girly. I do not look THAT girly."

Things won't make sense, so don't give in.

Yeay, finsihed FINALLY. Sorry it took so lone. Had mid term exams D:. 

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haaaana: ohmygoshlookieit'skame~haaaana on January 22nd, 2009 06:30 am (UTC)
WHY?!!!!! I always think that I've commented, but darnit I didn't... again. =________= Sorry, I'll feed you a lot of comments stuff~~~~ Post your stuff on communities~~~~

Anyways, moving on. Lol, Movin' On from KAT-TUN... ok, really moving on. OHMYGOSH, RYODA vs. JUNDA faceoff~~~!!! :ooo I love stuff like that!!! Who will Ueda choose~ Lol, I love the way you got JunDa to marry~~! Except, can you really get married like that? Lol, that's weird and cool at the same time~~~ Lol, Koyama and his dots are going to take over the world~~~ I love the way you instigate humor with JE, because humor in a story is one of the hardest elements to use and combine... but you use it so creatively~~ How does Taguchi compete with Ryo in battle? I thought Ryo had some kind of special chippy thingy inside his body, so does Junno have one too? Mmm~~~ WRITE MORE~~~ Lol. I loved how Koki took Jin's kindergardener drawing and made it into a portrait~~~ I loved many things about this chapter that I'd probably just copy and paste the whole thing into this one comment box thingy. XDDD
keitarukeitaru on January 22nd, 2009 06:40 am (UTC)
Err... thanks.

I know I still suck at writing.
keitarukeitaru on January 23rd, 2009 06:20 am (UTC)
Well, Taguchi and Ueda never really quite remebered what happened. (Yeah right. Kame, forever the perfectionist, sent in a priest because he didn't want things to be half done. 8D)