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17 January 2009 @ 01:08 am
Forever Tears Chapter Twelve  
Summary: Kame and Jin, Ueda and Junno, Ryo and Yamapi, Masuda and Tegoshi, Koyama and Shige all have a hidden past. They all are turned against each other. What happens if they forget each other, and start building new memories? And what happens if they remember again?

Disclaimer: I own NEWS and KAT-TUN. At least, I own their CDs.

Happy mood. *pastes a big smile here*

I just finished watching The Matrix, and guess what? I remembered something VERY similar to the movie. *points to my fic*



A maid knocked on Ryo Nishikido's door. Ryo opened the door, yawning but tense. His shirt was hanging on the edge of the bedside. "The young master's friend is ready to see you sir." She said, looking over Ryo's shoulder.

Kamenashi Kazuya, Nakamaru Yuichi, Shigeaki Kato, and Tegoshi Yuya were sprawled all over the floor. They mumbled in their sleep, stirring once in a while.

"Okay. Let me get dressed." Ryo rubbed his eyes sleepily.

"Yes sir." The maid curtsied and ducked out of the room.

Ryo swore lightly and washed his face in the sink. Last night, nobody slept on the bed or coach. They had all ducked out very carefully, insisting that they didn't deserve any comforts.

Going to finish some business. Ryo scribbled a note on the Post-Its on the bedside. He opened a drawer and looked at the clothes in stunned amazement. "What the heck?"

The only things he could were was 1.) a kimono, or 2.) a kimono.

"...No way I' m wearing this." Ryo looked at his ragged black cut offs. They weren't the best to wear, but... He turned his head to the kimonos again.

In the end, Ryo had improvised and ripped the silk kimono up. He tied the cloth into what looked like a pair of proper pants and shirt. When he opened the door, the maid looked hardly fazed.

"This way please." She gestured Ryo down the corridor, led him up two stairways, turned two rights and a left, and finally knocked on the second door to the left.

Taguchi Junnosuke's head snaked out. He smiled at the maid and gave a cordial nod to Ryo.

"Whatever, game freak." Ryo muttered. The maid bowed and left without a sound.

"So." Taguchi finally spoke in the silence. "You ready?" 

"No. I have no idea why I should be ready." Ryo rolled his eyes. "What type of question is that?"

"A question." Taguchi replied, unfazed.

"So... Can I come in?" Ryo asked.

Taguchi leaned in and whispered. "Don't faint on me. You'll traumatize him."

"Who?" Ryo asked, but didn't receive an answer.

"Taguchi-san?" A voice rippled from the back. "Who is it?"

Ryo froze. He knew that voice, it belonged to only him.

Ryo peered around the corner.

The confused face of Ueda Tatsuya stared back at him.

No. Ryo shuddered and took a breath, fighting back tears. No. He is dead. I saw him killed.

He closed his eyes and willed the figure to go away. Ryo opened his eyes again.

Ueda was still there.

"Ah, yes." Taguchi was smiling at Ueda, answering a question Ryo missed. "This is Nishikido-san. All the others are here. Quite surprising, I know." 

Ueda titled his head and surveyed Ryo. He looked up Ryo, and seized his figure up.

And he spoke, voice exactly the same. "He's shorter than I thought."

Ryo gasped. "Better then having fish lips." He retorted. 

Ueda bit down on his lips, biting back tears. Taguchi hugged Ueda gently, giving Ryo a glare at the same time. "Don't worry, Tatsuya-san. Nishikido here likes a very stupid girl who poses in nude magazines."

Ryo's face heated up ten degrees. "How do you know?" He muttered words under his breath. "Stupid blondie."

Ueda tried smiling, but failed. "I'm alright Junno. Thanks." 

Ryo looked at Ueda. "He's the same... but so fragile... How?" Ueda looked back with wide eyes.

Ryo leaned down, and placed a hand on Ueda's. "Gomen Tatsuya."

"I-it's all right." Ueda managed a watery smile. "I'm just a crybaby." Then he screamed, holding his head.

"Tatsuya!" Ryo shouted. He grabbed Ueda and held him tight. Ueda clung onto Ryo like a lifesaver. "Are you alright?!" 

"M-my head." Ueda chocked out. “N-no. Not now. Please.” His fingers contracted and pinched Ryo’s skin. Ueda looked into Ryo’s concerned eyes with his pain filled ones.

Ryo gasped. "Your left eye... It's glittering gold."

Ueda stiffened. “Look into it. Please. See what I see…”

Taguchi cried out. “No! You’re going to hurt yourself like that! Tatsuya!”

It was too late, Ryo was staring into Ueda’s eyes.

He felt what Ueda felt. The burning pain behind his eyes, like a fire branding a permanent scar.

He saw what Ueda saw. The hatred of everyone else had for him, just because his clone had decided things; had taken charge.

He knew Ueda now. Perfectly. All the facts pouring down like an avalanche.

He understood how much this Ueda was trying to cope with the fact he was worthless, a guinea pig, a person who had no soul.

A person who never lived except through someone else’s memories.

Ueda, Ryo, and Junno faced each other. Ueda was sobbing pitifully in Junno’s chest. Ryo just stood back and looked unconcerned.

“What did you do to him?” Junno asked calmly. Ryo just shrugged.

“P-please. L-leave me a-alone.” Ueda stuttered over his words. “J-jun-kun, p-p-please let me t-talk to h-him.”

“I’m not leaving you, Tat-chan.” Taguchi looked at Ueda’s puffy eyes.  “I’m never going to let you go, not like this.”

Ueda nodded dumbly.

Ryo growled. “Fine.”

“Now, what happened?” Taguchi asked, trying to keep his voice level.

Ryo sighed. “You really need to know?”


“Clothes. Off. Now.” Ryo barked at Ueda. Ueda shook his head violently and whimpered in fear.

“Tat-chan, I have to know. I swore I’ll protect you.” Taguchi looked into Ueda’s eyes. Ueda nodded dumbly. Taguchi pried Ueda’s tight fingers off his clothes and started to unbutton Ueda's checkered shirt. The last button came off and Ueda’s chest was revealed.

On Ueda's shoulder, bruises spilled over his chest and back. Most of his white skin was raked by red, bloody scratches. None of the scratched were scabbing over. Taguchi turned Ueda gently around. The name ‘Ryo’ was carved deeply into Ueda’s back, right shoulder actually, dripped blood. It was obvious a knife was used. The wound wasn't festering, but certainly was pure red and throbbing. Bruises, cuts, and similar injuries crisscrossed each other in intersecting layers, forming a woven pattern of blood.

”T-Tatsuya…” Taguchi muttered in pity. “You must be in so much pain. Why did you hold it all in?”

“Cause I know Ryo doesn’t really mean it… He was just tired. It wasn’t his fault.” Ueda weakly defended Ryo, and cried out when Taguchi’s finger accidentally pressed down painfully on a cut.

”Tell me the whole story. Now.” Taguchi demanded to Ryo. He helped Ueda put his shirt back on.

“Drunk. Angry. Ueda sleeping.” Ryo stated, summarizing every in four words.

“You-“ Taguchi lunged forward. He crashed into Ueda, who rushed over to protect Ryo.

Taguchi slumped. If Ueda wanted to protect Ryo, it was fine. Even after years and years of severe training, Taguchi never went against Ueda wishes. He sacrificed so much, but he didn't know the reason why.

Perhaps it was the way they were attracted from each other, like dark and light, or maybe just the way Ueda clung to him.

Either way, nothing else mattered.

Ueda relaxed. His head pounded from sharing memories with himself and Ryo. He knew what was going to happen, oddly; Ueda could tell that with both Ryo and Junno in the same room as him would trigger something.

“That day was my fault, wasn’t it?” Ryo broke down. He was physically and mentally battered. He practically lived through a day in his life he didn’t want to remember.

And Ueda was alive.

Ryo collapsed, and accidentally pinned Ueda underneath him. Ueda squirmed and tried worming out of the akward position.

“Get off Tat-chan!” Taguchi hurled Ryo off. Ueda sprang up, feeling sore. Ryo snarled and lunged. 

“No! Stop!” Ueda shouted and jumped between them when they both threw a punch. Unfortunately for him, Ryo  and Taguchi were extraordinary powerful.

And Ueda had lost all his advantages of fighting after his 'death'.

Ueda flew through the air, plummeted by the powerful force on each side. He fell to the floor, jaw twisted out of shape and bleeding. One of his hand went to his throat, while the other squeezed into a fist so hard his nails cut through his pale skin. He screamed silently. It was obvious he was in pain, but no sound came out of his throat.

Kamenashi Kazuya burst through the door, eyes a black void. “Stop! STOP! STOP!” He screamed. “STOP IT NOW!”

Ryo looked up into surprise. “Kame?” 

“I remembered! I remembered everything!” Kame screamed at Ryo. He looked down at the floor. “Ueda-sama!”

Ueda looked up pitifully, with huge, pained eyes. Kame sighed; his fingers brushed the side of Ueda’s twisted jaw. Kame clenched his
teeth and his hands moved in a blur. There was a sharp crack, and then silence.

"I set his jaw properly, but he needs the hospital." Kame stated. At the same moment, a posse of doctors came in and wheeled Ueda away. Taguchi and Ryo stood in shock, horrified at what they did.

When everyone was gone, Kame stared Ryo and Junno down. "Explain. Now."

I hurt your smile on that day, didn't I? I'm sorry, I thought only for myself.


"Slow poke! Hurry up! Run faster!" Ryo shouted to Kame. Kame just gave a grunt and sprinted harder. 

"Just co-operate, please." Ueda said to Kame, loping beside him, Ueda's hands was in his pockets, and he breathed like he was walking, instead of sprinting.

"Why don't you get tired?" Kame muttered. His body wasn't in shape, considering the fact he was moping for the last month, doing nothing but sitting in a corner. 

"You'll see." Ueda smiled at Kame.

"OI! UGLIES!" Ryo bellowed. "HURRY UP!"

"Shut up Ryo!" Ueda yelled back, and resumed chatting with Kame. "You'll have a choice to join us. Accept?"

"Sure. Whatever." Kame grunted. He sprinted the last few yards and stopped, breathing heavily.

Ueda forced Kame's chin up. "Look at me." He ordered gently, a force nobody could ignore.

Kame looked up. "Yeah?"

Ueda's eyes bored into Kame's. "Don't waste your life over Akanishi Jin. Don't." His voice was layered in hypnotic waves, all silk and gold.

"W-why?" Kame stuttered.

"You have better things to do, you know. You have to live." Ueda muttered, voice compelling. "You have to live."

Kame blinked, as if woken from a trance. "W-what was I doing?" He stuttered.

"You were taking a break, and you passed out or something." Ueda replied. 

"Oh." Kame blushed. "Sorry."

"No problem. Ryo's really pushy."

"Okay..." Kame trailed off. 

There was an akward pause, until Ryo shouted, "OI! BUSHY EYEBROWS! GET YOUR FAT ASS OVER HERE!" 

Kame blushed, and Ueda gave a glare to the direction Ryo was standing.

Ryo returned it in spades.

"Ignore him." Ueda whispered in Kame's ear. Ryo watched them, and a pang went through his heart.


"WHATEVER RYO." Ueda projected his voice right back. 

Kame and Ueda trotted slowly to Ryo, successfully frustrating him. Ryo responded with an unending stream of insults, where Ueda replied with, "Whatever you say, shorty."

Ryo turned red and bit back his tongue. "Shut up!"

Ueda leaned in, and breathed, "He's ready. It's a but forced... but it's the best I can do for now."

Ryo's brows furrowed. "Do you think he's ready for this, mentally?"

"Yeah. Kame has something about him." Ueda looked at Ryo, who could almost see a feline smile on the other's face. Ryo nodded once. 

Ueda bounded away in cat-like leaps. After a few laps, he started running on all fours, a streaking blur. Kame watched; Ueda never had revealed his strength to anyone, except for Ryo. Ueda disappeared out of sight, looking like a leopard.

"Umm..." Ryo licked his llps. "As you saw, Ueda isn't entirely human, and I'm not either."

"Then what are you?" Kame asked, slightly frightened.

"Part computer. We're, you can say, computerized." Ryo rubbed the back of his head. "Surgery... And, yeah... the works."

"Oh." Kame sat on the ground. "And why am I here?"

"We would like you to join us."  Ryo stated bluntly. Kame considered it, then smiled.

"What do I got to lose?" Kame grinned.

"I was hoping you would say that." Ryo gestured. "Hold on tight.

Kame climbed on Ryo's back akwardly, since Ryo was so short, and threw his arms his chest. Ryo breathed in, and rushed out. Kame didn't feel anything, it was similar to being still. 

Ryo reached the entrance of the Kitagawa clinic in mere minutes. Ueda was finsihed signing things at the front desk when Kame and Ryo walked through the glass doors. 

"Ahh... Good." Ueda looked up. "Kame's ready?"


A doctor pushed Kame into a white room. Ueda and Ryo looked at each other and gulp slightly, in unison.

Ten hours later, the doctors wheeled Kame out of the room. 

"Kazuya-san?" Ueda leaned in and whispered. "Kazuya? wake up. It's time." When Kame didn't respond, Ueda sent him a mental blast through the connection they shared.

Kame's eyes flew open. Ueda gasped. "What the..." 

Kame looked up, eyes glittering yellow. He growled softly, then stopped. His eyes faded back to a warm honey chocolate brown. "Tatsuya?"

Ryo could swear he saw wings on Kam'e's back. 

"Yes. How are you feeling?" Ueda asked gently, concerned.

"Fine. Just..." Kame flinched. "Powerful."

"It's natural. You'll get used to it."

"Okay." Kame blinked. "W-what?"

"Huh?" Ryo and Ueda asked at the same time.

"Why are there two Ryo's? And why does Tatsuya have cat ears and a tail?" Kame's eyebrows shot up. Ueda noticed Kazuya's face was morphing into something more graceful.

"Kazuya, look at yourself." Ueda passed a image of Kame to the other two over their link.

"My face." Kame touched his face. Ryo watched as Kame's face became more slender and much more graceful. Especially the bushy eyebrows, which Kame hated, slowly formed into perfect arches.

"It's a side effect." Ryo said. "Like Ueda looked more girly, and of course, my incredibily sexy looks got even more sexier."

"You shouldn't push yourself for the next two hours." Ueda stated. "Don't go in the sun for three days. Come on, lets go home." Ueda threw his black coat over Kame, so his skin was covered. Ryo gave Kame another ride home.

Of course, when Ueda and Ryo wasn't looking, Kame snuck out. He felt pain, and because Kame was connected to the two others, Ueda and Ryo could feel it as well. They rushed outside, and saw Kame's condition.

One of the transparent, beautiful, white wings were twisted out of shape. Kame groaned at flipped over. Ueda carried Kame inside, bridal-style, and locked Kame in a dark room for the rest of the remaining days.

I'll keep your faith.


Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin stared at the T.V., wrapped up in their own thoughts. They really weren't watching, so Jin never knew he was watching a horror movie, despite the screaming and the monsters popping up. In the kitchen, Tanaka Koki was frying some eggs and bacon, even if it wasn't morning.

Kame.... Jin thought. He drifted off to sleep, dreaming. 

He reached out to the retreating figure. The other slapped his hand away, backing into a lonely street. Jin tried calling out, but like a nightmare, found he had no voice.  Akanishi tried moving his feet as well, with no success. The lonely figure turned and bolted down the road, moving quickly and sluggishly, like he knew he had to go but was reluctant to leave. Jin stopped moving, a single, silent tear rolling down his cheeck. 

A red car zoomed down the street. Jin tried calling out a warning, but failed, as he expected. The car swerved wildly and hit the other man. The driver took one glance outside, and sped away, driving recklessly.  The fragile figure screamed as it crumpled. Jin opened his mouth, but no sound came out. On the ground, the small person bled in a puddle of red blood.

The last thing he saw before he woke up was the trusting face of Kame twisted in pain and agony. 

"NO!" Jin screamed and fell off the couch. Pi looked at Jin. "Did the movie scare you?"

"Y-yeah." Jin panted out, shuddering.

"Okay." Yamapi looked at Koki, then lowered his voice to a whisper. "Do you want to find them?"

"Who?" Though in his heart, Jin already knew who Yamapi meant.

"Kame, and R-Ryo, and everyone else." Yamapi said. "I have this plan."

Jin gulped. Whenever Yamapi said the dreaded words, something always went wrong. 

"W-what is it?" Jin chocked out.

"You know, R-Ryo is the bar type, right?" Yamapi explained. "Well, there was this one place he always wanted to go in seventh grade-"

"Wait." Jin interrupted. "You guys wanted to go to a bar when you were twelve?"

Yamapi looked slightly abashed, and cleared his throat. "So, what if we hang around the place? Ryo might visit there once in a while."

"That sounds too... hard." Jin said.

"Let's try it." Koki spoke over them. They gasped and looked up. Yamapi's heart leaped up, like a heart attack.

"Where did you come from?" Jin yelped. 

"Standing here for the last five minutes, dork." Koki replied.

"O-oh." Yamapi stuttered, clutching his chest and trying to breathe properly.

"You alright?" Koki asked, raising an amused eyebrow.


"Good. Don't want you dying on me or anything."

Jin let out a stammering laugh. 

"Okay, Ryo hates the weekends, so he probably goes drinking during the weekend." Yamapi thought. "Around maybe six to seven P.M. Once or twice a month." 

"How do you know so much?" Jin asked.

"Umm... I dunno." 

Koki sighed. "So I guess I'm part of this now?"

"Yeah." Jin and Yamapi replied in unison.

Our pinkies are connected by a red thread... 


"Massu." Tegoshi sang out. Masuda Takahisa spun around, a piece of gyouza hanging from the corner of his mouth.

"Yeah? What's up Tego-nyan?"

"Nothing." Tegoshi chirped. "Just felt like saying you name."

"Oh." Massu turned back to eating.

"Do you wanna go watch a movie or something?"


After scrambling around the apartment, the two finally found some clothes to wear. Tegoshi rushed out of the apartment and fell down, scraping his knees and palms.

While he was falling, he thought he saw a dark blur flash past, moving at unnatural speed.

"What was that...?" Tegoshi muttered.

"Tego-nyan?!" Masuu shouted. "Are you alright?"

"I think so." Tegoshi replied. "Yeah, I think so..."


On the roof top, Ryo panted slightly, heart beating fast.
Oh shit, he almost caught me...

Ueda was by him in a flash of white, running above the rooftops. He saw you. Ueda informed Ryo.

Oh. Then we have no choice. Ryo stated. Ueda nodded.

Two hours later, the movie finished. Masuda and Tegoshi walked out, scared to the bones with fright.

"That was scary." 

"Yes it was." Tegoshi agreed.

"I'm going to get nightmares."

"So am I."

Tegoshi and Masuda reached their apartment. They had dinner and fell alseep in their rooms.

Ryo looked at a sleeping Tegoshi, and lifted him. He gave Tegoshi to Ueda, and proceeded to write a note to Masuda.
I'm sorry.

For knowledge, this is the consequence.


The old man stood up. "Toma!" He called out.

"Hai, hai?" Ikuta Toma drifted to Johnny Kitagawa. "What's up, old man?"

"Well, ever since I poisoned Nakamaru-san's operation... I decided I really need to push everyone together more quickly. It's so slow."

"Okay, so whadda need me for?"

"Arrange it so Masuda and Tegoshi meets in the zoo, get Ryo drinking, and what else... Ah, and arrange it so that Koyama gets away from the place Shige left him and meets Koki." Johnny snapped out orders. 

"Okay, whatever you say." Toma drawled and studied his fingernails.

"Good." Johnny looked out his office's window. "I'm still wondering..."

"About?" Ikuta prompted. 

"The relationship between Nishikido, Taguchi, and Ueda." 

"Oh, you mean RyoDa and JunDa?" 

"Don't give them nicknames like that!" Johnny snapped.

"Whatever old man."

"Damn you Toma."

"You too."

"Okay, it's that Ryo loves Ueda, but can't let go of Yamashita. And Ueda loves Junno in a roundabout manner, but is developing feelings for Ryo. Junno can't do anything to improve his relationship with Ueda, but Ueda clings to him. Junno and Tatsuya are attracted to each other, like the princess and the prince, but Ueda's also attracted to Ryo as well, like gentle and harsh, dark and light. And Junno and Ryo hates each other so much, and loves Tatsuya with so much passion they're blinded. Ueda doesn't realize he's being loved, but he can feel the gentleness. That's why he's closer to them than anyone else. But, of they can't work it out..." Johnny trailed off.

"Oh. I see. Big problem."

"Yeah. So I was think about bringing them in."

Toma gulped and stuttered, "T-them?"


"If you insist..." Toma grimaced.

"I do." Johnny replied.

"Whatever, old man."

"Shut up Toma."

Know that' I'm always here for you...

Yeay. I'm finally done with the chapter. Not much interesting things in this chapter, but... I FEEL LIKE AN UEDA SADIST. WHY DO I KEEP INJURING HIM LIKE THIS?!


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