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24 January 2009 @ 10:13 pm
Forever Tears Chapter Thirteen  

Summary: Kame and Jin, Ueda and Junno, Ryo and Yamapi, Masuda and Tegoshi, Koyama and Shige all have a hidden past. They all are turned against each other. What happens if they forget each other, and start building new memories? And what happens if they remember again?

Disclaimer: Umm… Last time I checked, I didn’t own anyone. Especially the Johnny’s boys.


I feel like a sadist. Rar. :D







Kamenashi Kazuya pinned Taguchi Junnosuke and Ryo Nishikido on the ground with his glare. Tegoshi Yuya was sitting on Ryo’s lap while Nakamaru Yuichi claimed Ueda Tatsuya’s bed. Shigeaki Kato, for once, didn’t browse through the technologically complicated computer. “Explain. Now.”



Ryo and Junno quailed in fear under Kame’s unusually stern gaze. Ryo was the one brave enough to speak first, due to the fact Ryo was the superior of him. “Ueda’s… different. Taguchi will have to tell you more, but this is basically what happened…”



For the next hour and a half, Ryo explained everything to everyone. He left out nothing, not even the terrible abuse he had inflicted to others.



Kame, Tegoshi, Maru, and Shige sat silently. They pondered at the things that were revealed to them.



Finally, Tegoshi spoke up. “Well, we’ll have to hear Taguchi’s version now, don’t we?” He sounded childishly young, questioning.



Taguchi nodded. “Okay.” His voice took on a deeper tone with more feeling. “The original Ueda was born, and replicated for his abilities.”



“What abilities?” Shige asked.



“The ability to see the dimensional beings that are trapped between two overlapping spaces in the rift of time.”



“Err…?” Maru replied with a question.



“In other words, fairies.”



“…OH.” Everyone replied in unison.



“Because that ability is so rare, Ueda was cloned.”



“Go on.”



“The problem was, the second one couldn’t see the beings. He had the ability to hypnotize, manipulation, and several other mind-playing games. Unfortunately, Ueda never understood that he was a magnet or dangerous things, like Ryo-san here. And he always was obsessed about saving others after he saw someone run over by a truck.” Taguchi stopped to take a breath.



“Go on.” Everyone said.



“So his parents agreed to subside Tatsuya for his whole life, and try replicating his brain waves.”






“And he was locked up in a self sustaining tank with doctors managing him twenty-four seven.“



“That’s cruel!” Maru put in hotly. “You keep a human chained like that and they won’t mature.”



“Just listen” Taguchi put a finger on his lips.






“You don’t call Maru the white butterfly for nothing.” Shige muttered under his breath.



“A problem we did not foresee was the feeling Ueda developed.” Taguchi continued. “He somehow could connect himself with his clone. But… when the other died…”






“His eyes changed into something. It could be from post trauma of shock, or it could be from not seeing anything for such a long time. He saw memories, but everything he saw was bestowed from the fairy beings. And they only showed him the darker side of himself.”



“Oh.” Ryo exhaled. “That’s what I saw.”



“Yes. Uebo-hime does not trust us very much, not anymore.”



They all winced, because they knew how much trusted the old Ueda placed on everyone.



“Also… Love…” Taguchi looked out the window. “We fell in love, all of three of us. We’re pathetic.”



“No!” Kame stood up. “Love isn’t actually useless! I…” he trailed off, and glared at them, eyes purple. “Because I know I’m in love with Jin. It’s the feelings that can change everything!”



“Taguchi looked at him, startled. “if you say so…”



“I do.”



“Maybe we’re not that helpless after all.” Taguchi grinned. “Anyways, I trained myself to protect Ueda, how to overcome the fact I wasn’t going to go ten miles near the word operation. I’m still human.”



“TAGUCHI-SAMA! NISHIKIDO-SAN!” An orderly burst into the room . “Tatsuya-sama is… Critical condition!”



Ryo’s and Taguchi’s head snapped up. They exchanged a glance before rushing out. Kame followed, trailing behind.



They reached the emergency ward. Junno came up first. “Tat-chan?”



Ueda’s eyes snapped open. His mouth moved, but no sound came out. Ueda's throat was bound tightly in white bandages, while his jaw was held up by a complicated machine. An IV drip was attached to his left arm. He mouthed the words, I know now, Junno. Thanks for telling me I was in love with Ryo,



“Oh…” Taguchi looked away. Ueda did something unexpected, and grabbed the collar of Taguchi’s and leaned forward. Taguchi blushed bright red. Their lips meet, ending in a swift second. Ueda closed his eyes, and gave a silent sigh. He fell back into the pillows. Taguchi stayed in the same position, breathing in the cold, soft scent of snow and crushed ice.



And Ueda was able to spoke, somehow, despite his broken jaw and his damaged throat. "I know it know, I love you more. No matter what, I always will. Don't forget this, please."




Ueda bolted up.



Taguchi’s eyes narrowed.



Ryo turned around quickly enough to see a gun point to Ueda, Taguchi, and him. Kame growled, and was ready to spring forward, when Taguchi shook his head, ever so slightly. He backed off.

"OI! How dare you point a gun to the Sexy Osaka Man?!" Ryo growled. The three people pulled off their masks, revealing three young faces.

"Hihi! My name is Tackey, Hideaki Takizawa. Nice to meet cha~” The self proclaimed Tackey sang out, one hand holding a gun that was pointed at Ueda’s heart and the other hand waving about happily.

"Tsubasa Imai.” The second man looked bored. He was definitely calmer than Tackey. His handgun was pointed at Taguchi’s forehead.

"Hiroki Uchi-san. Hello.” The third man, metal gun pointed at Ryo, looked a bit excited. Not to mention nervous.






“…The Sexy Osaka what?” Tackey, Tsubasa, and Uchi asked at the same time.



Taguchi sighed. “Ignore his inflated ego,” sounding very calm for someone on the risk of death. “What are you here for?”

 “Under Toma-chan orders.” Uchi replied. Tackey reached out and smacked Uchi on the head.



“Baka! Why are you telling them anyways?” Tackey rolled his eyes. He pulled out his handcuff and handcuffed Taguchi’s right hand and Ueda’s left together. “I have the only keys, so farewell.”



Tackey skipped out, followed by Uchi, and Tsubasa covered them at the rear.



“…okay?” Kame brought his hand down on the chains in a karate chop, trying to break the chain, but it didn’t work. “That’s very strange. Not possible.”



Ueda and Taguchi smacked their foreheads at the same time in exasperation. Ueda sank back on the pillows again, and Taguchi had no choice but to lay down next to him.



‘Wait…” Shige said suspiciously. “Wasn’t Ueda-san in critical condition?”



Ueda scribbled the words, “I told them to lie,” on a piece of paper.






One day, we’ll soar high…






Ryo stumbled back into the small apartment Ueda had rented for the time being, to conserve money. Ueda was curled up on the couch, crying silently. Ryo touched Ueda’s shoulder without the gentleness he reserved for Ueda.



“R-Ryo?” Ueda stammered. He wiped his tears away, and looked up with puffy eyes. “Sorry, just moping aro-“ He was cut short when Ryo slammed him against the wall. One hand tightened around Ueda’s small throat and lifted him in the air, while the other hand slid inside Ueda’s shirt, clawing with unmerciful strength.



“Ryo!” Ueda screamed and kicked out. His fists lashed out and failed to make any contact with Ryo. “You’re drunk, aren’t you?!”



“So what?” Ryo drawled. The one hand ripped the shirt into pieces. Ryo punched Ueda in the stomach, causing him to double over. Ueda heaved most of the contents in his stomach, on Ryo.



“You little-“ Ryo punched Ueda again, and used the torn shirt to wipe the puke off. “Why?!”



“W-what?” Ueda chocked out, barely breathing. Already, his white skin was forming bruises.



“WHY DO YOU SPEND SO MUCH TIME WITH THAT TAGUCHI?!” Ryo spat out. Ueda’s eyes widened in shock.



How? Ueda asked over their link, running out of air to breathe with. Ryo gave a tight lipped smile.



“I know.” And with that, Ryo threw Ueda across the room. Ueda hit the mirror, cutting himself.



“R-Ryo!” Ueda screamed out, biting his lips from the pain. “W-why?”



Ryo answered him with a slap. “Why did you even save me anyways?! I hate you!” Ryo broke Ueda’s nose.



Ueda retailed with a half-hearted punch. Ryo blocked it easily and laughed. He clenched the fist and pulled Ueda close to his chest.



Ryo’s lips brushed against Ueda’s earlobe, causing Ueda to shiver in fright. “You only belong to me, and you know that. Nobody except for me is allowed to come close to you.” Ryo whispered seductively, voice layered over. Ueda looked at him with wide, frightened eyes.



“Ryo, you know this is because you’re still not getting over Yamashita-“ Ueda’s fingernails cut his palms in pain, hissing when a glass fragment pushed in his skin.



“You’re mine, and mine only.” Ueda’s voice hitched when he saw a knife in Ryo’s hand. “And I’m going to make sure everyone else knows it.”



The silver blade came down on Ueda’s right shoulder. Ueda screamed piercingly. “RYO! ITAI! STOP IT! PLEASE! I’M SORRY FOR EVERYTHING! R-RYO! STOP! IT HURTS! RYO!!!” His shriek grew higher,



Ryo kept slashing, drawing blood. Ueda closed his eyes and counted nine strokes. Ryo licked the blood off, licking his lips. Ueda spasmodically twitched and screamed. Ryo dumped Ueda unceremoniously on the white bed, blood soiling the satin sheets. For the first time, Ueda understood how dangerous Ryo could be.



“I’m going to enjoy this…” Ryo whispered. Ueda tried scrambling away, but was caught due to his bad condition.



“R-Ryo, please, no…” Ueda whimpered.



“Why shouldn’t I?” Ryo drew Ueda to his chest. “Because, Tatsuya, you’re mine.”



Ueda took in a deep breath. When he spoke, his voice was layered, “Ryo, you want to go to sleep now. You’re getting tired.” Ryo nodded, kissed Ueda’s neck harshly before gripping Ueda tightly with iron like strength and going to sleep.


Ueda never slept that night, but was crying silently the whole time. Sobs raked his body as he took in a breath.


The next morning, Ryo woke up to see a crying Ueda in his arms and blood all over the sheets.



“W-what happened?” Ryo asked in bewilderment. Ueda looked up, eyes very red and puffy. Ryo let go of Ueda hastily when he realized the older man was shirtless. Ueda scrambled away as quickly as he could, looking like a cornered animal. Ryo tilted his head in confusion.



And gasped.



Ueda’s lithe body was covered in too many injuries, injuries that could only be caused by someone else. None of the injuries had begun to heal, and blood was still trickling down Ueda's white skin and staining the carpet.



“Who did this to you?” Ryo mumbled out, words lost.



“Who? Who?!” Ueda managed a hysterical laugh before pointing to his bared shoulder. “You have the nerve to ask who?!”



Ryo looked, and saw his name dripping in blood, etched forever in Ueda’s skin. Ueda managed another high, hysterical laugh before sending him an entire image of what happened.

Ryo staggered backwards at the raw feelings Ueda sent him. He never knew it was possible for Ueda to feel this strongly, not like this. The feeling of betrayal, loss, hurt, pain.

And one look Ryo didn't understand.

The panicked look of

Ueda was afraid of Ryo. For the first time, Ryo was at loss.

"I hate you." Ueda spit out the words before rushing out of the room. Ueda headed for Taguchi's house, biting his lips in pain and holding back tears that threatened to fall. He knew he was attracting attention like this, but he didn't care. Many people stared at him, he dodged out of sight.

A voice in his head, a part which he couldn't entirely ignore, shouted,
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

No. I don't know you. Ueda tried blocking Ryo's mental screams. He tried surpassing the events that kept flashing before his eyes.

The moment Ueda vaulted through Taguchi's window, his defenses broke. The walls cracked, and the torrents of feeling were released through his tears, in Taguchi's comforting arms.

"I'm afraid..."


Sorry doesn't even cover it.






Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin was window shopping. Ever since their faces were reported as “missing”, all over the world, they decided to disguise themselves a bit.



Yamapi bought fifty different pairs of sunglasses, whose size and shape varied in very form. Jin has his hair dyed blond while Yamapi bought all the glasses.



“Pi-chan, why do we need all these glasses?” Jin whined, holding the shopping bags, full of extra large clothes for Jin and normal sizes for Yamapi. One time, when they were changing, a sales assistant thought Pi was a girl changing in the guys’ dressing room. That incident caused Yamapi and the salesclerk much embarrassment.



Especially after Jin commented that Yamapi was a girl and needed a bra.



Way past the awkward stage.



Yamapi looked at himself in the mirror when they were back at Tanaka Koki’s apartment. It was amazing how much jewelry were all over the place. They were all silvery and jingly and Jin loved breaking them by trying to twist them to say, “I love Kame.”



Yamapi examined a dot on his face and considered it. “Is this dirt or something else?”



“I don’t know.” Jin mumbled, rummaging through the refrigerator for something to eat. “Aha! There’s an awesome slice of pizza in here!”



Yamapi turned around to see his back. He was mostly clean, a bit dirty, but nothing horrible.



Jin stood up. “You need to change your hair.”



Yamapi’s eyes widened. “NO!” He shouted. “I most certainly do not!”



“Yes you do.” Jin pulled out a curly-hair-for-home-perm box from one of the multiple bags. “I’ll do it for you, it’s easy.”



Yamapi closed his eyes. “Fine.”



Jin dragged Yamapi into the bathroom and started. Yamapi tied a bandana over his eyes so he couldn’t see how horrible his hair was.



Unsurprisingly, Jin spilled most of the perm material thingy on Yamapi and himself.



“Done!” Jin announced after five hours. He pulled off Yamapi’s blindfold.



Yamapi opened his eyes, and blinked, adjusting slowly to the bright light.



“OH MY GOD JIN, WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Yamapi screeched and looked at his hair in horror. It was curled up poodle style. “JIN, YOU’RE PAYING FOR THIS!!!! ”



“Oops.” Jin gulped.

When Koki got home, he heard girly screams in the bathroom and a voice screaming about his hair.



No need to go this far…






“No, no, no, you show me the faith!” The little, chibi Jin screamed from his bed.



Kame sprang out from his crib and screamed back, “ Ka-kanarazu I’ll keep it for you!”



And they gave the loudest shout of all, “Tsumaranee mainchi nukedasu ze. Katai yakusoku saa Keep the Faith!”



Everyone else looked to the direction where the  sounds were coming from.



“Kame and Jin again?” One of the matrons asked the housekeeper. She nodded.



“God… The children are so noisy.”






“How do they learn how to sing anyways?”



“Yeah, where did they learn English?”



Another chibi voice entered the songs. “Daite, daite, daite senorita!”



“Him?” The matron and housekeeper looked at each other. “That Tomohisa kid again?”



In the room, Jin and Aoki were doing hiprolls while Kame clapped his chubby hands. Yamapi kept on singing as much as he could with his voice. “Sono kuchibru ga… Jirettai no yo… T-ahh.”



“Tomo-chan!” Jin walked over. “Kame-chan!” He enveloped both of his friends in a big bear hug.



Aoki sang out, “Ah, gomen nee, Juliet.”



“Is like psshhh… fine thanks, bend back.” Jin sang, holding an imaginary microphone.



Kame sang with Aoki for the next song. “Si, ore tache wa…”



Aoki’s parents came in. “Aoki, we have to go.”



Aoki and Jin pouted. Kame gave a wide, puppy-eyed look. They shook their head. “No. You have to go.”



“No.” Aoki sat on the ground.




"Ahh... gomen. I think it spilled it on the floor... somewhere... painting Ryo's nose red... Somehow..."


Chibi Kame and not so chibi Jin watched the angry fight between Aoki and his sister.

"Oh, will you all just shut up, fatties?" A new voice cut in the conversation. Chibi Kame turned around to see a short, dark kid, nose red as Rudolph.

"Ryoryoryoryoryoryoooooo." Aoki cried. "Yeay! Ryo-chan the red nose reindeer!"

Kame clapped his hands to the beat of the song.

"Where did you learn to sing again?"  A teacher poked her head in the room and asked.

"Somewhere." He chirped.

"We're going home."


"Stop this nosense, please."


"You're like a five year old."




Aoki's parents had to carry Aoki out in the end.

"Kazu no leave Jin like wa!" Kame proclaimed to the world.

"Yeah, Jin will never leave Kame!" Akanishi puffed his chest up. "MASSU-DA!"

The housekeeper looked at matron. "Where
did they learn how to sing?"

Broken problems are meant to be broken.



Tackey was rolling around the floor. Uchi sat, thinking of what happened earlier. 




“…The Sexy Osaka what?” Tackey, Tsubasa, and Uchi asked at the same time.

 "Ryo's funny..." Uchi smiled.

"Hmm...?" Tsubasa looked up from the book he was reading.

"Oh, thinking about Nishikido-san."

"The Sexy Osaka Man?" Teckey chuckled. "Conceited. Taguchi was right when he said that man has a inflated ego."


"Still... He's different from everyone else." Uchi defended the perfect stranger. "Like, the pale guy was all injured, and he was all emo-ish, and the tall dude had blond hair."

"People bleaching their hair isn't that uncommon these days." Tsubasa commented.

"It wasn't bleached, it was dyed."


"I know, but R-, I mean Nishikido, is really... different. You could tell something happened to him before."

"Yawn yawn. Boring." Tackey sighed from the floor. "Toma-chan isn't going to be very happy with you."


"Because Johnny-sama believes in the Nishikido and Tomohisa pairing."

"...oh yeah." Uchi sat for a moment. "But why?"

"Because it's for his future plans."


"Well, apparently, Johnny is planning on creating boy bands. For future fanservice, he wants all of the people to be close to each other.

"...okay?" Uchi was confused. 

Tackey patted Uchi's head. "Don't worry about about it." 

"I won't." Uchi promised.

"Good boy." Tsubasa muttered, eyes darkening.

The best chess player plans ahead....

Sorry about the late update, but I'm on an Internet ban cureently. Might a LONG while before I update.

Chapter Twelve | Chapter Fourteen


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Based Rina on a veryannoyingyoungersisterthatlovesaccusingmeoftakingherBakuganallthetime. :D *points to sadist comment*