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21 March 2009 @ 03:09 pm
Dictator- Verse Two  
Summary:  Ueda Tatsuya is a slave. Nishikido Ryo is his master. Simple. Yet, how can situations be so complicated? What are their intentions?

Disclaimer: I am obviously NOT Johnny.

It's a song fic, based on Ueda Tatsuya's Dictator. 

I decided that Dictator is now a multi-chaptered fic. Enjoy.

"Are you okay?" Nishikido Ryo asked, his tone different from the usual snarky tone.

"Are you okay?"

Am I okay? Ueda Tatsuya scowled inwardly. After he throws a china vase at me, he asks if I'm okay? He swallowed his pride and replied, "Yes, master." He started to walk outof the room, when suddenly Ryo grabbed his waist and pulled him closer, forcing him into a half-kneeling position. Ueda yelped, face turning cherry red. Koyama Keiichiro was suddenly busy sorting out some medicine boxes. "Master?"

"My name is Ryo."

I'm going to have a heart attack, I'm going to have a heart-

"Well? Is my sexy looks finally attracting you now?"

Where the hell did that man get his ego from?!

Ueda managed a barely sensible "Yes master," before subsiding into another fit of panic.

Ryo smirked. "That's not what you're supposed to say, fairy-boy."

This is it. This is the point where I am going to kneel over and die of a heart attack, because the poisoned-tongued devil-monster is going to kill me like this.

"Yes... Ryo-sama." Ueda closed his eyes, counted to ten, and opened them, expecting to see a pearly gate, or at the very least, some fluffy clouds.

Not a chance.

Ueda' s knees trembled as his master tilted his head upward. HEART ATTACK. HEART ATTACK. TAGUCHI, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!

Ryo kissed Ueda gently on the mouth, before letting him go. Ueda staggered back into his room, heart beating at least one hundred miles per hour. Ryo waved goodbye as he watched Ueda tumble down the basement steps. 

Ueda stumbled to the carpet and collasped. He scowled and beat the floor as silently as he could, his face a bright cherry red.

"Where is the punching bag when I need it?!" Ueda flipped on his back, breathing madly. He bit his lower lip, pulled the thin blanket over him, while staring at the ceiling.

It was really comfortable lying down...

Ueda woke with a start. He realized he fell asleep while brooding over how his master had molested his lips. Eww... I don't think I brushed my teeth yet. He stretched, arms thrown out and shoulders arching. He was warm and comfortable and-


He noticed his surroundings. Instead of the familiar cold floor, with the threadbare blanket, he was in a large silk bed. He blinked.

An arm was sticking out from under the sheets. Ueda crawled across yards of satin before lifting the covers.

Nishikido's face, untroubled, was smiling in his sleep. The sunlight played against his face, casting patterns.

"What the hell?" He muttered. Nishikido's eyes flew open.

"Yo, Tatsuya."

"Master, what's going on?" Ueda muttered, bending into a short bow.

"My name is Ryo."

"Ryo-sama, what's going on?' Please, someone, help me from this devil...

"Well, I think kissing is as good as confessing." Ryo smirked. "Or do I have to profess my heart to you again?"

With unnerving speed, Ryo grabbed Ueda's waist and pulled him closer. Surpressing a squeal, Ueda gave Ryo a confused look.

"Well, I do know that you can't be able to resist my sexy looks. Come on, I am the most sexiest man on earth, and everyone knows that."

Where the hell does that man get his ego?

"From now on, you're not a servant anymore. You have the full rights of a lord."

For once, Ueda couldn't panic.


"You are declared a lord from now on. I'll grant you all rights of a lord, because, obviously, as I am the prince of this place." Ryo yawned and pulled Ueda down. "I have every right."

"Does that include freedom of speech?" Ueda asked carefully.


"THEN BY THE BLOODY LORDS OF KARMA ARE YOU DOING?!" Ueda screamed. His fist lashed out, but Ryo grabbed it before Ueda could put all his boxing skills to a punch.

Ryo flinched, surprised, then shrugged. "I decided that it would be interesting, falling for a maid." His lips brushed against Ueda's neck.

"WELL, YOU-" Ueda stopped. "Wait... Falling for a maid?"

"Obviously." Ryo rolled his eyes. "The sexiest man in the universe does know when he falls in love or not, and-"

The door swung open, revealing a dark haired boy. He stared at Ryo, who was holding Ueda, then stared at Ueda, who was watching back, noticed the intimacy between them, observed Ryo's lips were on Ueda's neck, and screamed in delight.


"Oi! Bakanishi!" Ryo bolted up. "What do you think you're doing?"

However, the "Bakanishi" was to busy dancing in the doorway to do anything but... well... dance like a lunatic.

Light footsteps were heard as a feminine man appeared in the doorway. He tilted his head, observing and grabbed the other's hand.

"Are you thinking that Ryo is...?" The younger pointed at Ryo and Ueda.

"YES. HE WAS ABOUT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIS ONE AND ONLY TRUE LOVE..." Bakanishi looked at Ueda. "THE ONE AND ONLY.... umm..." He looked at Ueda for enlightenment.

"Ueda Tatsuya."

"UEDA TATSUYA! I KNEW THAT!" He turned to the younger man, only to find that he had disappeared to the bedside.

"Hello. My name is Kamenashi Kazuya. My friend is Akanishi Jin." The red haired boy introduced himself and his friend. He brushed Ueda's cheek gently. "What happened here? Are you alright?"

Ueda nodded. Kame frowned. "Are you really sure? Is there anything-"

Ueda broke down. For the first time in days, there was someone, someone that cared. While Ueda cried, Kame held him tightly, rubbing his back in soothing circled. Ueda's cheek was burning, but he didn't care.

"It's alright now... It's alright... Don't worry."

Ryo and Jin watched awkwardly from the background.

"Ta-Tagu... Taguchi..." Ueda sobbed.

Kame blinked. "Taguchi Junnosuke? The sableman? Why do you want him?"

Ueda bit his lower lip. Kame understood. "Oi! Jin! Bring Taguchi. He should be brushing down Moonlight right now."

"But Kame! I'm not a servant." Jin whined.

"Shut up. You need to lose some weight anyways."


"That was before you gourged down a whole roast pig for dinner!"



Jin used his pouty-lips and puppy eyes attack to try to save himself.

"No sex for a month."

That threat seemed to work, because Akanishi scampered down the stairs immediately, closing the door behind him.

There was silence. Ryo looked awkward on the bed. Ueda was still in Kame's arms. Kame was trying to pick up any sound that might indicate the return of Akanishi.

Ueda, Kame, and Ryo all heard a scream. Then a shout. Finally, something that sounded like, "UEBO-CHAN!!!! I AM COMING TO SAVE YOU!!!"

It was a loud scream.

The door burst open. A very worried Taguchi Junnosuke cannon-balled to the bed, and pulled Ueda right out of Kame's grasp.


"Can't... breathe..." Ueda choked.

"Oh, sorry." Taguchi let go. He gently wiped Ueda's tears with his thumb. "What happened?!"

"He... lord..." Ueda muttered, sniffing again. Then a thought hit him. If he was a lord now, then he wouldn't be able to meet a commoner again, would he? Even if the said person was a friend. If Nishikido truely loved him, then Ueda would have to show who his heart was longing for. Ueda leaned upward and whispered in Taguchi's ear, "If you are traumatized by this, I'm sorry."

Ueda grabbed the loose cloth on Taguchi's chest and shoved him down, hard. He stared into Taguchi's eyes once, before Ueda placed his full lips firmly on Taguchi's. Taguchi's eyes widened, obviously shocked about how his precious hime suddenly pinned him down and was kissing him. 


In the presence of others.

And not just the innocent type of kissing either.

Taguchi couldn't help but respond by kissing him back.

When they broke off, Ueda wrapped his arms around Taguchi's waist. He looked at Ryo's eyes.

Ryo was obviously jealous. Akanishi was wolf-whistling in the background, until Kame slapped his head.

"If kissing is good at confessing," Ueda whispered, "Then I think I love Taguchi more than you." He gave Taguchi a peck on the cheek. "I'm borrowing Midnight." He muttered.

Ueda was gone from the bed. Everyone looked around, wondering how he moved so quickly. Kame reacted first, running down the steps.

Ueda looked at the banisters. I've always done this while I was a kid... He stood, balanced carefully, and kicked off. He surfed down the railing, tottering many times. Thank the lords of Karma, God, and whoever is out there, for giving me this inspiration.

He slipped halfway. Some maid was still washing the banisters, and therefore, the railing was very wet. Staggering for control, Ueda decided to jump instead from where he was. It wasn't that high...


Ueda closed his eyes and pushed off with his legs. His feet stung with the pain when he landed, but freedom was worth it.

Turning left, Ueda headed for the stables. Pushing some protesting maids out of the way, he grabbed the mane of a black stallion.

"Come on, Midnight." Ueda whispered. The horse muzzled him, blowing into his face. "We're going for a ride."

Where? The horse asked.

"Somewhere with lots of peppermint."


"Yeah. Let's go." Ueda threw his legs over the horse's back. A slight nudge with his feet made Midnight kick out with his front feet and neigh loudly. Ueda winced. So much for a quiet escape. Well... He was a war horse.

"Run." One whispered command allowed the great war horse kick down the stable door and burst out of the stableyard. They raced past the other horses in exercise, and escaped through the black gates. MIdnight galloped into the forest, hooves flying.

After an hour of hard riding, the stallion eased into a gentle trot. A clap of thunder overhead startled Ueda. Midnight's nostrils flared. The memories of war, the battlefield; the horse combined all his experiences of the road carefully find hidden, but safe trails marked by years of use by animals.

The problem was, Ueda didn't notice the snake drop from the tree. Too intent on the road, he forgot one important lesson; beware of dangerous wildlife.

The snake dropped from a overhanging tree branch, spitting, and looking for easy prey. Ueda screamed and fell off the horse. Midnight stopped and wondered why his rider decided to fall on the ground, until he saw the snake. Midnight panicked, and lashed out with his feet.

One of the giant hooves kicked the snake away, but the another hit Ueda on the head, knocking him senseless.

The last thought he had was an apology.

Guchi-chan, gomen.


Hours later, Taguchi managed to find Ueda laying on the ground, his head bruised. Midnight paced around him, breathing and muzzling his fallen rider's face with soft, velvety whiskers.

"Uebo..." Taguchi whispered. He ran over, and hugged the limp figure. After checking the pulse, he turned to the horse. "Go home. There's peppermint waiting for you."

Peppermint! The horse snorted, and galloped away.

Taguchi bit on his lower lip, and pulled Ueda up, bridal style. "Uebo-chan, what are you going to do with yourself, recklessly pushing yourself like this?" He looked around. "Now, where was that cabin again?" Finding a familiar path, Taguchi starting walking as swiftly as he could without joggling Ueda, who moaned slightly. He whistled to his chestnut-brown horse, who followed him without any hesitation.

The minutes trickled by, until Taguchi saw a broken piece of a picket fence. He picked up his pace, until the crumbling remains of a cabin appeared in view. Ueda turned his head, and groaned.

"Almost there, Uepi."

Pushing open the door open gently with his knee, Taguchi peeked inside. Relieved to see the bed still intact, he walk over and laid Ueda gently it.

He checked his cellphone. One thing about this place, he thought, was that there is always good cellular connection.

"Fridge, fridge, fridge." He muttered. Technology is very advanced in this kingdom, Taguchi grinned in spite of himself was he was peeking into rooms, to have a refrigerator without any plugs.

"FOUND IT!" He ran over and grabbed an ice pack. Rushing back to where Ueda was, he placed the cold ice on Ueda's forehead.

"Cold..." Ueda muttered. Taguchi blinked.  "All you do is whine and shout and complain, idiot. Wouldn't you shut up?" Ueda growled.

"Ha? Ueda? Are you talking to me?"

Ueda's voice changed. "You need to take responsibilties."


Ueda shot up from the bed, and fell back, groaning. Taguchi grabbed Ueda's hand. "Are you alright?!"


Taguchi was wide eyed. Was it his imagination, or did Ueda just slap him?

"Don't touch me!" Ueda snarled.

"Ha? Uepopu?"

"Who are you? How dare you touch someone of noble status!"


"Silence, commoner. Of course I was born as a noble." Ueda looked around. "Where am I?" He looked at Taguchi suspiciously. "You didn't kidnap me, did you?"

Taguchi was lost for words. He found his voice.

"Tat-chan, are you alright?"

Ueda looked up, and replied coldy with three words.

"Who are you?"

"What?! I'm Taguchi Junnosuke!"

"I don't know you."

I fill your blood my vase.


Sorry about the late update. >_< I was done... but my stupid, slow, and bloody useless computer didn't save. It's now lhalf of what I originally wrote. Forgot most of it. *baka*

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~ Min-chan @ Rai-chan ~raixas on April 23rd, 2009 08:20 am (UTC)
he lost his memories, ne??
keitarukeitaru on April 24th, 2009 03:22 am (UTC)
Yes. Just wait for the next chapter... *inserts evil laugh here*
Kristienkaouchan on April 23rd, 2009 10:04 am (UTC)
POOR TAGUCHAN got slapped
keitarukeitaru on April 24th, 2009 04:14 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading.

I don't why I made poor innocent Taguchi get slapped, actually. *sweatdrop* It's the scary!Ueda phase, I guess. *brick'd*
Kristienkaouchan on April 24th, 2009 04:18 am (UTC)
Iya.. ^^
keitaru: Walkingkeitaru on April 24th, 2009 04:23 am (UTC)
*still sweatdropping* Umm... I'm trying to think of something to say... but I'm at a total loss now. I'll say hi. Yeah. Let's use the universal language for greetings. *going off in a tangent now*

Kristienkaouchan on April 24th, 2009 09:12 am (UTC)
Hahaha.. ^^ is it that hard?

HI~~!! (your so cute)
keitarukeitaru on April 24th, 2009 08:40 pm (UTC)
Yes it is.

*now melting into a pile of goo because I'm... well... melting... I guess...*

Thanks about the cute comment. I guess.
Kristienkaouchan on April 25th, 2009 03:58 am (UTC)
Sou ka.. ^^

uhn.. welcome.. ^^
keitarukeitaru on April 25th, 2009 04:53 am (UTC)
Sorry about the extra hyperness. I'm calm now.
Kristienkaouchan on April 25th, 2009 05:04 am (UTC)
Iya its okay.. its better to be hyper.. ^^
Faye ♥: Junno:Do as i say!yamapi_konkon on April 23rd, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)

First time commenting on your fics. ^^" sorry.

OH MY~ Ueda had amnesia?

Thank you. :D
keitarukeitaru on April 24th, 2009 03:24 am (UTC)
Thank you for commenting! Yes. Ueda had amnesia. (Getting kicked in the head does that to some people, apparently.)
jindaluverjindaluver on April 23rd, 2009 04:01 pm (UTC)
uebo got amnesia and turn into ueda-sama??
way to go,man!
haha..will be waiting for next.
thanks for sharing~
keitarukeitaru on April 24th, 2009 03:25 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading. *bows slightly* Dictator Ueda? :D
haaaanahaaaana on April 24th, 2009 03:52 am (UTC)
YAYYY. Finally. commenting. on. this. :DDDDDDDD Absolutely loved it. <3333 Lol, Taguchi as a stableman seems to exactly suit his image! *images of sparkly Junno on a horse surrounded by roses* Ueda lost his memories?! TT^TT Please please please don't let Junno get hurt by Ueda~ *whine* Lol, more Junda versus Ryoda! YAY~! Looking forward to more~~~
keitaru: Wonderkeitaru on April 24th, 2009 04:12 am (UTC)
*typing whenever I don't have a sanity deprived idea* Working on Verse Three now. No, I'm more of the sadist when it comes to Ueda. *inserts evil laugh* :D
mirukimiruiki on May 2nd, 2009 09:11 am (UTC)
o_O confusing~! dundun.
so it's JunDa vs. RyoDa eh..
im obviously up for RyoDa

anyway update quickly ^^