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29 April 2009 @ 11:41 pm
Dictator- Verse Three  
Summary: Ueda Tatsuya is a slave. Nishikido Ryo is his master. Simple. Yet, how can situations be so complicated? What are their intentions?

Disclaimer: I wish I could order Ueda in one of those Lollita dresses, with a dorky Taguchi in a prince costume. They would arrive in a nice box, with "caution for moaning sounds" pasted all over it. Yeah. I wish.

I know. I am a Ueda sadist. I have disease where in all my fics, Ueda is always getting hurt. I really like the plot for this fic, but the summary isn't doing any justice. >_< This chapter is dedicated for bribing to fangirlove to make her start working on her fic. Is there anything else I want to say? Err... I was reading my earlier works, and they sounded childish. So, expect less childish plots/dialogue...  


“Who are you?” Ueda Tatsuya asked, face set in anger.



“I don’t know you. Who are you?”



The previous day, Ueda had denied Taguchi Junnosuke’s very existence. Most of the night consisted of Taguchi trying to convince Ueda that he wasn’t kidnapped, without much success. The most Taguchi could do was to practically force Ueda to sleep on the bed, and try not running away.



When Taguchi woke up, it was dawn. The sun started to creep up and cast its rays upon the darkness. The first of the birds started singing, breaking the quiet and peaceful silence with something other peace entirely.



Taguchi yawned quietly. He searched a full five minutes to find a bathroom. Apparently, the cabin was larger than what he had originally thought it was.



After waking up properly with a splash of cold water, Taguchi went outside to think properly. It had been years since he had ever been alone—when he had ever been truly separated from the world. It was a serene feeling, albeit the pang of loneliness.



“Hey, Junno?” Ueda asked, eyes watching the distance.



“What’s up?” Taguchi asked back, wrapping an arm around Ueda when he felt the other shiver slightly from the chilly air.



“Don’t you believe that somewhere in this world, there is a place where nobody gets hurt?”



‘It’s hard to believe in places where there are no tyrants, but there must be.” Junno replied.



“Just imagine, they could be staring at the same sunrise as we are.”



‘If only…”  



As the sun slowly began in shine, Junno sighed.



“Time to wake Tat-chan up.”



The thought of awakening a sadistic prince made him shiver in fear.






An alarm buzzed in Ueda’s ear. He groaned and covered his head with a pillow. The pillow was removed from his unwilling grasp, and a song started to play in his ear.



Sono akaku somaru kuchibiru,

Chikazukete kowashitai hageshiku.

Sono mama de sono mama de,

Jibun dake semenai de,

Kono te wo hanasanai de.*



“Go away.” He groaned. “I don’t want to get up…”



“You got to wake up!” An overly cheerful voice chirped back.



“I… don’t… want to…” Ueda grumbled back. Despite his protests, the person managed to drag Ueda out of the bed, brush his teeth, and force his reluctant eyelids open with water.



Ueda blinked, no quite sure what he was seeing. His eyes readjusted to the sunlight.



A pair of brown eyes was staring straight at him. He yelped and jumped back in surprise.



“Morning Uebo-chan!” The person—no, it was Taguchi Junnosuke—greeted him.



“Urgh… why me?” Ueda mumbled. He looked around, and found a suitable place to rest, as much as get away from Taguchi. He plodded over and sat at the window seat, staring at the outside world, while Taguchi played around with his touch screen phone. After some debating, Taguchi decided to place a call.



“Is Koyama there? Oh, it’s Shige-kun? Uh, hi. It’s Taguchi here. Can you put Kei-chan on? Oh, he’s busy? Okay. Call me when he gets back, will you? Thanks.” He terminated the link, and coughed, hoping that it would catch the other’s attention. Ueda pointedly pretended not to notice.



Taguchi sighed. “You still don’t remember me, Uepi?”



“My name is Prince Ueda Tatsuya, commoner.” He spat back, refusing to look at the other. Who is he? Where am I? Who is he? Am I a bargaining chip due to a kidnap?



But why is he treating me with such friendliness? If I don’t know him, how does he know me such intimidate terms? …I felt like I was very comfortable with his presence yesterday…



“Can you at least tell me what kingdom your family rule?” Taguchi finally decided to play along with whatever Ueda was doing.



“The Hiroko kingdom. Our land is still troubled with war.” I think. Ueda frowned to himself. Why couldn’t he remember the state of affairs of his own kingdom? He stood up, and walked back to the bed, curling up into a little ball.



“The Hiroko kingdom?” Taguchi muttered quietly. But isn’t that Nishikido’s kingdom?



“We’re under attack.” Ueda whispered, quiet but audible. “The Nishikido family turned traitor on us. They pretended to be friends, and when they finally climbed up the social society enough so they knew enough to commence an attack, they did.” He turned to Taguchi. “Are you part of the traitors too?”



‘But Uepi… The last time I checked, the Nishikido family already took over. The war finished ten years ago. You were working as a maid for Nishikido Ryo.” If this is true, then everything would make sense. Taguchi thought. I met Uebo when I was sixteen. So, four years after whatever age he thinks he’s now.  He was always so dignified, even then.



“I can’t be… I’m fourteen…” Ueda whispered. Taguchi pulled out a pocket mirror from one of his numerous pockets.



“Look for yourself.” He handed the mirror to Ueda, who took only one glance before reacting.



Ueda shrieked. His voice went higher then what Taguchi thought was humanly possible, especially for someone after puberty. Ueda thought he looked old. His blonde, short hair was replaced by long, silky black. The prominent angles in his cheekbones were much sharper; such cases usually happened in malnutrition, he knew. Under the huge, doe-like eyes were bags, reflecting sleepless nights, and-



The scar.



An imperfect scar, starting its trail from his right ear down to his shoulders, marked its way with red, pulsating lines.



A china vase thrown from a hated enemy.



Pain. Tears and hate.



Warmth and kindness.



Kindness enveloping him in the arms of…



The arms of who?



Ueda blinked. Taguchi tilted his head. There was a quiet silence, oddly peaceful.



Koyama sent a text message. The loud ringtone startled them both.



Takai BIRU wo nukete tadoritsuita natsu no basho,
Hikari ga tashika ni soba ni aru.
Kizukarezu ni namida nagashite mo,
Kono umi wa miteru yo fumidashita kimi no tsuyosa wo.**



“There’s undoubtedly a light nearby, unaware, even though tears are falling…” Ueda muttered. It sounds so familiar…



Taguchi pulled his phone out, and checked the message. The text was sparkly.



 What’s up~? J



Taguchi texted back. If a person loses their memory about the past ten years, what do you do?



Give them a big shock~! G2 run, Shige-chan's waiting for me!



“What was the greatest shock of my life?”



The answer to that question was easily to answer. The greatest shock was when Ueda pushed him down and kissed him. They were being watched then, by the devil and his two friends, yet they didn’t reign themselves in. It was pure emotion at that time.



There was no one nearby now, right?



“Well… that might work…”



Taguchi stood up. He walked over to Ueda, who unrolled from his position. Ueda looked at Taguchi quizzically, until Taguchi pushed him down. 



“Wha-what are you doing?” Ueda squirmed, blushing madly. This is obviously not a good day for me… Ueda thought awkwardly.



“Helping you.” Taguchi replied simply. He leaned down and kissed Ueda firmly.



“Mmmphhh…” Ueda screamed into Taguchi's mouth. "MMMPPHH!" Ueda managed to land a punch on Taguchi's stomach. Being a boxer able to obtain a professional license, the punch landed rather painfully.



 "Urgh." Taguchi groaned. "Uebo, I told you that I was trying to help you." He clutched his stomach, wincing.



 "I don't believe the definition of 'helping' is the same as 'molesting' in the dictionary." Ueda retorted, before blinking.

"Sorry about this..." He said, looking through the eyes of someone.

The person underneath him was the same man who just molested him.

He leaned down, breathed in the gentle scent that was Taguchi, and leaned down.

It was gentle, the twin feelings of regret and sorrow, mingled with love, before the harsh instincts kicked in.



"So I harrased you too?" Ueda finally asked. Taguchi confirmed with a nod.



“Well, I wouldn’t consider it molesting, since I was kinda wishing for it.” Taguchi whispered under his breath. Luckily, Ueda wasn’t able to hear what Taguchi just confessed.



“So if that really happened, then that means I am…” Ueda turned to Taguchi. “How old am I?”



“Twenty four.”



Ueda managed another shriek at that. When he finally calmed down enough, he had enough sense to ask what happened to his memories.



“Well, when I found you, your head nearly bashed in by a horse.” Taguchi informed him. “And it was raining, so I couldn’t find you very quickly. Getting kicked by a hose can do some damage to your brain, apparently.”



“Where were my guards doing?” Ueda demanded.



“I’ll say it again. When I met you, you didn’t have any rank, except as the maid of Nishikido Ryo.”



“Is that possible? Is that possible?” Ueda mumbled. “A maid?" A crown prince to a maid. He looked up. "Were there anything that happened to me?” Ueda blushed again, waving his right hand vaguely. “Answer honestly, please."

"Well, Nishikido has this kinky idea about cosplay, especially cross-dressing feminine males, so he dressed you up in mini-skirt maid costumes."


"...mini-skirts?" Ueda asked carefully.

"Yeah. I think that you thought that it was much better than having your head chopped off." Taguchi stated plainly. 



Immediately, Ueda started to panic.



When Ueda stopped hyperventilating, Taguchi held up a picture of Ueda in his maid costume he took on his cellphone years ago.



Tight shirt, mini-skirt, and all.



That was enough to send Ueda in another fit of extreme panic.



Over the course of the quickly dwindling afternoon, the two found it much easier to relate to each other. Ueda finally dropped his “suffering artist” image, and became friendlier. However, Taguchi still had to stay behind the rules of respect. It was hard not crossing the line between the small talk, and the desire to tell Ueda everything, but Taguchi managed to reign in the wish, for the sake of their sanity.






“Where can Ueda be?” Nishikido Ryo growled in impatience. He paced in the main hallway, growling in frustration. “Why did he run off like that anyways?”



“What do you expect?” Kamenashi Kazuya looked up from his novel. “If what you told me is true, then you just gave him a position he was raised to despite, injure him in such a way that he’ll be left with a scar marking his slavery, then send him in a traumatic fit of panic by kissing him, and after all that, you gave him the position of a lord, which made him experience doubt with himself again.”  His eyes scanned the page, before he sighed and put the book down. “Nishikido, you have to learn how to control yourself.”



“Tell that to Bakanishi.” Nishikido snorted. “He’s still stuffing himself in the breakfast hall with that bottomless pit of a stomach.”



“I think I will.” Kame replied. He stood up and walked away purposely. Moments later, Ryo heard a girly scream that could only be due to the famous collarbone attack.



“Where could he be?” Nishikido asked himself again. His eyes flashed dangerously.



“Ryo-chan!” Akanishi Jin emerged from the dining room, whining. “Kame-chan made me stop eating.”



“You needed that, baka. Is there a time when you don’t eat?”



“…That’s very true.” Kame muttered under his breath. Akanishi managed to keep an offended look on his face.



“You call yourself my boyfriend?” Jin turned to his friend for help. “Do you think Kame is a good boyfriend? No, right?”



“Yes he is.” Ryo deadpanned.



“I thought you were my friend!”



“Sometimes I wonder if that fat head of yours has a brain.”



“Better than being a skinny monkey.”



“I am the sexiest man on earth. My body proportions are perfect, unlike your fat body.”



“I am not fat, midget.”



There was a small gasp from Ryo, a heavy thud, and seconds later, one Bakanishi was running around the house, screaming about how people were after his collarbone.



Even then, Ryo still hadn’t been able to solve “his” Ueda problem.



“That’s it.” He finally stood up. “I’m looking for him manually.”



“Lovely idea.” Kame rolled his eyes. “I’m sure you can find him in this gigantic kingdom of yours. And he has now a whole day riding on our finest war horse to get away.”



As if to disregard Kame’s words, a maid came in, hair tumbling from the buns they were required to wear.



“Kamenashi-sama!” She called. “Midnight came back!”



“So?” Kame drawled back, inspecting a fingernail. “Let Taguchi take care of it.”



“But Taguchi isn’t here, sir! You are the only one skilled enough in the whole household to understand horses, sir!”



“Well, I best get going.” Kame shot an amused glance at Ryo. “Midnight’s probably going to eat the whole stable down searching for peppermint.”



“Okay.” Taguchi? Missing? He was the most reliable slave we had—ever since our purchase of him. And he is Ueda’s supposed… lover, if what the maids are saying is true.



He could almost see how the two kissed, two passionate, loving, and devoted they were both to each other. Even if they weren’t lovers, they still had feelings for each other. That was obvious.



If he’s missing, then it doesn’t take an idiot to figure out that whenever Ueda is, Taguchi will find a way to be with Ueda.



“I’m going.” He said to the most nearby maid. She bowed as he went to his room to dress for riding.






The sun had fallen, and with that, Taguchi’s urge to clean suddenly kicked in. He grabbed all cleaning utensils before setting out to work. Ueda was contently watching Taguchi clean the house. He felt much better after knowing that he could find some happiness while talking the other.



A headache suddenly overwhelmed him. Ueda muttered, “Fresh air,” before staggering out of the cottage.



Breathing deeply a few times, Ueda raised his arms to the air. A light breeze played around his skin. He raised his right hand into the air, feeling the currents swept past his fingers.



He heard a soft neigh.



Ueda whirled around, automatically placing a hand on his left side, before realizing he was unarmed. The rider was right behind him.



Fool, for not playing attention!



“Who are you?” He asked, giving the rider the strongest death glare.



The rider leapt from the horse. Ueda studied his face very carefully. The rider had fine, smooth skin, with a braid hanging down on the left side.



The left?



“You’re…” Ueda snarled. “You’re a Nishikido.”



“You know who I am.” The rider replied, rolling his eyes.



“Who are you?” Ueda’s hand crept behind him, searching for a tree branch, or better yet, a forgotten knife or ax.



“Oh, come on. You know I’m Nishikido Ryo.”



“I don’t know you.”



“Trying to bluff yourself out of it?” He smirked. “Well, it’s too late.”



Taguchi’s voice floated out from the house. “Uepopu, are you talking to someone?”



“Taguchi,” Ueda called back. “I believe I am taken from your hostage, and put into another.”



“Huh?!” Was the only response he got, before Ryo pounced. He pressed a sweet smelling handkerchief to Ueda’s nose. Ueda coughed, and tried not to breathe, but Ryo’s hand tightened on his windpipe, and successfully made him gasp for air.



 Taguchi ran out of the house too late, to see Ryo dump a body on his horse. He rushed forward.



Time seemed to stretch on.



Ryo saw Taguchi sprinting; he leapt on the horse, and made it gallop away before Taguchi ever came close.



“I got you now, princess.”



And the chain of motions were set.



You are the slave of fate.

Hi. *waves* Sorry for taking a while to update. I was busy. Lame excuse, I know. I've been in a hiatus mode lately, with some

*The scene with the alarm clock: music from LIPS.

(Translation: I draw close to those red-stained lips
and want to break down,
The way things are, the way things are,
Don’t blame only yourself for it,
And don't let go of this hand.)

**The scene with Koyama sending a text message: music from Natsu no Basho.

(Translation: Coming out of a tall building, I found my way to the summer place.
There's undoubtedly a light nearby,
Unaware, even though tears are falling.
This beach watches,
Step forward with your might.)
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Faye ♥: KameDa: GIRL POWER!yamapi_konkon on May 29th, 2009 01:21 am (UTC)
So.. They're fighting over Ueda like he's a a soccer ball? *shot* Sorry for the comparison. It's the first thing that popped into my brain.

Wow. It's...AMAZING!
keitarukeitaru on May 29th, 2009 01:28 am (UTC)
Yes. It's a good comparison actually.

It's two overly jealous people fighting over one emo princess. With the emo princess not actually knowing what's going on.

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you like it.
Faye ♥: Tat-chan! :Dyamapi_konkon on May 29th, 2009 01:33 am (UTC)
XD Thanks~

Emo Princess? XDD

I just noticed this.. I'M FIRST!!!!!!!
keitarukeitaru on May 29th, 2009 02:00 am (UTC)

You are first.
Faye ♥yamapi_konkon on May 29th, 2009 02:09 am (UTC)
Well, I can't disagree. Who wouldn't want to be with someone as awesome and as pretty as Uepopu~

I'm so happy. *tears of joy*
keitarukeitaru on May 29th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC)
I agree. Uebo=something worth fighting over.
Faye ♥yamapi_konkon on May 29th, 2009 02:29 am (UTC)
XDD YESSHH~ He's just too too irresistible~
keitarukeitaru on May 29th, 2009 02:45 am (UTC)

jindaluver: tat-chanjindaluver on May 29th, 2009 12:12 pm (UTC)
junda vS ryoda!!!
looking good..please update more next time ne~
i wanna know what will happen next ^^
keitarukeitaru on May 29th, 2009 08:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks of reading. ^_^

I'm really glad you like it.